Jim Caldwell

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Chuck Pagano

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Yuck…gag me …


I highly doubt they get the job, but you have to start interviewing someone. Most college coaches won’t (or at least won’t want it publicized) until after their bowl games, and everyone currently in the NFL is still off limits. You can really only interview the unemployed people now, and pickings are always slim there.


I tend to agree, Caldwell is respected but satisfies the Rooney Rule.


Caldwell already has a job with the rebooted XFL


Rapoport (who is very plugged into what is going on in the NFL), says that two top targets for the Packers are McDaniels (Pats) and Fitzgerald (Northwestern college coach).


McDaniels is the better of the two candidates because of his NFL experience. Fitzgerald is in his current job because of Mike Murphy.


That’s true Fox, though Fitzgerald has done a good job at Northwestern, getting more from a smaller program than you might imagine.


I’m not saying that he would be bad but he needs to surround himself with a ton of NFL experienced quality coaches.


Fact is that Fitzgerald is even considering it, makes it more likely that he is the hire if he is going to interview for the first time in the NFL like the rumors are going around that he is. He has turned down plenty of NFL interviews in the past.


Fitzgerald will be leading Northwestern on FS1 at 6:30pm est. :clock630:

Will try watching the game to see how he does as he is a defensive coach and the current offense that is being run under him. I guess it is a good thing to know the potential candidates.


Curious what people around here think of Marvin Lewis? I personally think he’s intriguing, though I have no idea if he or the Packers have any interest in each other. He’s a winning coach with a lot of experience. He would need a really good OC, but that’s going to be the case for most if not all candidates.


Fitzgerald after the bowl game said emphatically he will not leave NU and will be back. Announcers said even though he was to meet with the Packers after the game, he would be back with NU.

No to Lewis. Solid as a Defensive Coordinator horrific record as a HC.

Apparently new names to add the list Gase, Munchek, Campbell and LaFleur so that gives us 9.


There was a story on Yahoo that fits some comments Philbun made about this 3 headed monster with Murphy Ball and Gute from Demovsky. Didn’t hear the comment on his PC but very brief they have to be on the same page

Interesting because there is a Yahoo story apparently, that Murphy has interjected himself into decisions of personnel including players. The poster at chatters says the author claims Graham was Murphy’s choice and not one personnel people agreed with. Odd and I don’t know what to make of it. This is why when you have a GM with power, conditioning, coaching play personnel are easy to hold accountable. If Murphy wants to play owner as may be occurring, who will hold him accountable? Not the ball-less EC…,


Yes Graham doesn’t fit the offense that was being run. So I believe it. Murphy probably considers himself an expert as he was a NFL Offensive Lineman.


You mean safety, big safety for Gibbs in Washington, played with the Hogs famous Ol…


Yeah, he was pretty much not rememberable as a player. So yeah OL or S it doesn’t matter. I do remember that the only thing he will ever be quoted as a player is something about Green Bay should not have a team.


I keep reading that the Packers likely want an offensive guru who can work with Rodgers. I’m not sure it really matters which side of the ball his roots are from. Granted the NFL has changed a lot over the years so maybe my thinking is dated, but I look at Tony Dungy who went to the Colts with a history of being good on defense and with Payton Manning he routinely won with offense. Grueden went to the Buccanneers as a so-called offensive guy and he continued their tradition of winning with defense. Brian Billick went to the Ravens specifically to fix their offense and yet they remained a defensive force with virtually no improvement on the other side of the ball. To me this jives with something Vic Ketchman always talked about, “it’s players, not plays”.

I think a coach who won as many games as Marvin Lewis did while never having a top tier QB (Andy Dalton is by far the best he’s had) speaks volumes about his ability to run a team. While I doubt he get’s the Packers job, I do hope they at least interview the guy.


I really like Fangio, but he is not on their radar. I really like Toub, very good coach and charasmatic, but not know to be connected to GB. Of the candidates I am intrigued by the two NOLA coaches and NE coaches they are interviewing. The lesser known Flores, really is not a prototypical day defensive guy as he has more of an offensive background.

This apparently is the only job McDaniel is interviewing for, and it seems it may be his to lose depending on his assistant ideas and demands… especially since Fitzgerald through his agent turned down the opportunity for Murphy to pay him a whole lot of money. Give him this he doesn’t let money and the NFL seduce him, I really respect that…

There are some intriguing known candidates in the known 10, to me 7 or 8 are really interesting…