Best look at the defense, your opinion


I know that we have the talent for mediocre 3/4. I know that Pettine runs a hybrid but do we have the talent to go 4-3.


With the defensive line being the strength of the team right now, that would be possible. Question then is, are Nick Perry and Clay Matthews wasted in that, or could they transition to being pass rushing DEs? Even then, I’d think their reps become much more limited. To me, the money we have tied up in those two 3-4 OLBs becomes the biggest problem.


These days it is all about what MM calls ‘being multiple’. 2 man fronts, three man, four man, I expect Pettine to use them all. It isn’t a traditional 3-4 almost all the time, not these days.

As for the money CMIII is a free agent after 2018. Perry’s contract runs to the end of 2021.

Moving forward in time, if Alexander, Jackson and Burks work out as we all hope, one starter-level pass rusher should leave the Packers in a good situation on defense, with both talent and youth.