Bad Process for Coach Choice


The GM is not the GM. Murphy is the GM for choosing the coach. That will likely create tension between Gutekunst and the new coach. They will fight over personnel. The coach will appeal to Murphy, undercutting the GM.


What is bad about this process? The only negative I see is “this is the way everyone else does it.” Isn’t being able to have a mediator for disagreements between the coach and GM (in this case Murphy) a good thing? And yes, technically it is Murphy’s call, but Murphy HAS hired coaches before, Gutekunst hasn’t. Why is leaving Murphy out of that process better? There is no way Murphy is going to hire a coach Gutekunst doesn’t approve of, he knows they need to work together.

I honestly think this is a BETTER system than most of the league has.

I think this article covered my thoughts pretty well -


I think people are making too many assumptions. I don’t believe either extreme for the moment. Sure Murphy is going to defend himself when the media basically challenges him as to being capable of making this decision. Missed here is the symbolism of Gute side by side, and clearly inserting himself. If he were simply a victimized stooge that would not occur. Gute has everything to lose and at a minimum is sharing in this decision if not driving it.

And lost also is who wasn’t there, Russ Ball and no mention of consultants

One final note and an interesting tweet, if anyone thinks the media is on top of this, they are sadly mistaken. It is good they challenged some things, but don’t drive yourselves crazy as you are about to hear all manners of lunacy — coaches bad mouthing GB for firing MM, players, alt universe trashing GB. Yes, the decision to hire Gute was devisive in the GB family and firing MM with 4 games left was awkward, but don’t over read at the extremes the media, because they have very little insight to all of this. 1 year ago for them it appeared clear Elliot Wolf would eventually replace Thompson. Then in January the media was convinced any process was for show as Ball was the prohibitive choice. Without beating the dead horse details Ball wasn’t there yesterday, and clearly Gute is putting his foot print all over the organization.

On this, despite the negative nonsense out there and some of Florio’s spewing,I agree with Jeff and think Gute is moving towards getting the whole GM powers if he already doesn’t have it. And then there is this, Winston Moss thinks we all need his thoughts on this…