Arron Rogers Last Game


With the Packers. Last game because it would be a mistake for him to play with the danger of getting hurt and not developing younger players. Last season with the Packers because he doesn’t think the current management can revive the team.
He tanked the Cardinal game and tanked the Bears game. He is so disenamored with the
Packer management, not just the coaching, that there is no option but to trade him.
His judgement about the team management may well be right. What has turned out well with the GM’s off-season, nothing but failure and unrealized potential?
We’re headed for a long term decline until Murphy gets replaced and then there’s no guarantee. Who’s going to
hire the new management team?


I understand the frustration and am no apologist for Murphy. I have been concerned about his allowing slippage under Ted and Ball. But it appears complicated as there are very sad whispers about Ted’s condition. Without excusing anyone, I really think this is unfair to Gute. Gute was right on with Robinson and Fuller. Gute had a good draft, but when Murphy allowed Ted to slip and give Ball more and more control, Murphy not Gute shoulders this.

I respect your posts and mind, but think you’re maybe too frustrated. Rodgers has been beaten to a pulp behind a slipping Ol. You can’t trade Rodgers, it isn’t financially feasible and the whole premise that he is blowing it is flawed. Rodgers legacy is at stake here too and why would anyone want that if you are correct.

To me Gute can really establish himself by communicating with Rodgers and put him on ice for the last two games by sharing his off-season vision. Ted and Ball apparently crowed scouts out and ran aground since 2015. That was always going to put this year in a bind. Now it is important to hire the right coach, get a higher pick even if you trade it, and be even more aggressive. Yes it could be the end of 27 years, but it is too early to throw other than this season.


My hope is Rodgers comes back next year with a vendetta. He’s going to have to chew on his performance and how he’s been perceived by the media and the fans all summer long. For a guy as competitive and confident as he is to hear that maybe he’s lost some his skills or mojo among other perceived ‘slights’; it’s going to gnaw on him. If we can improve our pass blocking and the WR’s take that 2nd year jump I think he can once again start lighting up defenses. We need to start fast so the questions fade and confidence grows. Right now the big events are the coaching vacancy, expiring contracts on our current roster, the draft and free agency. We need to make those count.


I agree he is a real competitor. I think he hates losing. I think your right on in the agenda. The only thing I would add, it is in his best interest to sit and not play these last two games behind that OL.

I think also he is taking heat for involvement which isn’t all that bad. I think Gute and Rodgers top priority is for Gute to run the FB team and Rodgers to focus on getting well and not playing GM. To that end Gute needs a relationship with Rodgers too.

Your right on in the priorities though in my mind. Incidentally the soup du jour this week end was Kliff Kingsberry and speculation GB and Cleveland are studying his USC contract.