Any other Nashville cheeseheads?


Lombardi Beer Company will mark the launch of its beers in Nashville with an NFL draft party at Scoreboard Bar and Grill on Music Valley Drive. Scoreboard has been a gathering place for Packers fans on game days for several seasons.

Are there any other Nashvillians here? Having a Lombardi Ale at Scoreboards might be a cool meetup opportunity.

@gbpakman are you interested? Anyone else?


I’m an NC Cheesehead, wish they would expand to Raleigh NC.



Would love to meetup sometime. I have plans for the draft otherwise I’d say this weekend. Maybe sometime this summer or a game in fall?


Yes, let’s do it. Maybe we can rope in a few more locals to the board by then.


By the way, love how the graphics turned out. Thanks again!


Off topic. What is American beer like these days ? It used to be the super-chilled stuff, because it was so darn horrible when it warmed up (even now I grimace at drinking slightly warmed up Colt45, in my youth, in England). While the big brands (like Budweiser) are ploughing the same furrow, surely there are great little breeweries in the USA now ?


Micro Breweries and home brewing are all the rage here now. Growing steadily over the past 10 years at least. Lots of great beer across a variety of styles.

The youngins all seem to love IPAs. That tastes like sweaty armpit to me, but to each their own.

Cold beer in a frosted mug is still the norm.


2019 NFL draft is coming to Nashville!

I am pretty pumped about this. I will make an attempt to be there at least day 1 and maybe 2.

Anyone else interested?


I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a frosted mug in years.

There is a LOT of good beer in the US now, all sorts of varieties. Now, a lot of the microbreweries also make some bad stuff too, gets hard to navigate the whole assortment.


Yeah I really meant served so cold the mug is frosted, but I agree, actual frosted mugs have pretty well disappeared.


Oh man I’m so excited for this! I will be there all weekend for sure. Wouldn’t miss if for anything. And with the Pack having 2 first rounders, that’s icing on the cake!

We will have to hang out for sure!