Andy Reid..playoff failures


I never agreed with the perception that Andy always “choked” in playoffs. However, when he had the ball near the Pats goal line with under 3 mins to the end of the game and scored ASAP, I was dumbfounded!!! To give the ball back to the Pats with 2+ mins and having 3 TO’s I knew the Pats would win with that much time to cover the the small ,points the Chiefs had. Pitiful!!!


I had given some thought to this as well and if the Pats didn’t have those 3 timeouts it would have been a no brainer. That said, the timeouts change everything and getting the TD was very justifiable. They weren’t going to be able to take much time off the clock, so all they would do is force New England to use timeouts, but then there’s no guarantee your going to punch it in on 3rd down. Getting the TD forced New England to have to get a TD themselves, which obviously they accomplished. But I don’t fault Reid in this case.


Reid is the best one to come from the Holmgren tree, just makes some errors at the wrong times once and awhile. However it is different than McCarthy making mistakes 25 to 50% of the time in recent years.


The Chokers are the entire AFC. Their have now been 19 teams in the 2000s that have reached the Super Bowl. They are represented by only 6 different Franchises. 9 out of 19 have been New England. The others are Pittsburgh(3 times), Denver/Baltimore/Indy(2 times each), and Oakland.

How can nobody in their Division even threaten them, and how can so many other Playoff opponents that seem more talented take the gas pipe time and time again.

In the NFC there have been 12 Franchises represented in the 19 year stretch with no Franchise going more than 3 times.

Going to the Super Bowl basically half the Seasons over a 2 Decade Stretch and so far going 5-3 in the Big Game, in the Free Agent Era makes Belichek the Greatest NFL Coach of all time. Others may disagree and it’s hard for me to admit because I really don’t care for BB very much…or the Patriots.

But IMO, there is no way the Patriots have been the most talented team in the AFC 9 out of 19 years. They aren’t the most talented this Season. But yet they’ve played in 9 consecutive AFC Title Games. That’s unthinkable.

Most say Brady is the GOAT QB. I won’t argue. But which is more likely,

The Patriots would have still gone to 9 consecutive AFC Title games and won 5 Super Bowls with:

BB Coaching and any of Rodgers/Brees/Manning playing QB all those years


Brady playing QB and any of Payton, Carroll, Holmgren, Parcells, Walsh, Lombardi, Shula or anybody else you want to name as HC for all 19 years.

I don’t think there’s any doubt that the main driver behind all these teams is Belichek. It makes me throw up in my mouth but He has to be called the real GOAT IMO. This is the most difficult era to win in and the Patriots have done it in a fashion that I don’t imagine we’ll ever see again.


Hard to argue that Belechik isn’t the best of all time. Lombardi’s only claim is that he has a higher percentage of championships, 5 in 9 years, 5 in his last 7. And I think it’s tougher today than the old days. Now the coach/GM doesn’t just need to evaluate talent, he’s got to measure in against the cost versus the salary cap. Belechik’s economics degree may have given him a leg up on that (Maximizing an objective, that is team quality subject to a budget constraint, the salary cap.) I’ve mentioned this several times here. OI wrote about this on Football Outsiders in 2006 anticipating much of what he has done. We are both economists.


Is this like saying Marv Levy ‘choked’ in superbowls ? I thought he was a terrific coach for the Bills


This is a fallacy many people fall into. By this standard there is only one successful coach every year and 31 failures. A more reasonable standard is something like is your coach getting you in the playoffs a high percentage of the time (more than 50%?) wherein you have a shot at the ball bouncing right to get you to the SB.


A good coach makes mistakes but learns from them. It’s something BB has done. Then makes changes when needed that being changes in play calling, players on the field, and / or coaching staff. Then there’s the coaches that were given a fork and management sees what the coach does with it. Then if the coach repeatedly and often sticks the fork in the electrical socket, the coach tends to get fired no matter how many times they made playoffs in the past. Example of this is Mike Sherman… and now Mike McCarthy…