Amari Cooper on the block


Time to make a deal… that 1st rounder we have from the Saints; no way you will find talent at that position of the draft anywhere near that of Cooper. Adams and Cooper would really open of the offense; and the great thing is he’s only 24 years of age!

Gute… let’s pull the trigger!


I would offer them a 3rd for their safety… Scantling has way more upside than Cooper.


Cooper may or may not be worth a 1st rounder but it’s not a deal the Packers can make. We decided to go with volume in last year’s draft. That’s too much recent draft capital to then also give up a 1st rounder for Cooper.

I’m warming up to the new guys. Adams caught 38 balls his first season for 446 yards and 3 TDs. MVS is tracking similarly. He has 11 catches for 209 yards and a TD in the 3 games he’s started with Cobb out. Brown has 4 grabs and Moore caught his first NFL pass last night.

I want us to target those 2 1st rounder to real areas of need in the Spring. I just don’t think WR is gonna be the place. I’m thinking more OL and Edge Rusher.


Cobb will be a free agent next year and our chances of keeping him are fairly slim. I can’t see any of the new guys being a solid #2, but Cooper has that special talent that is rare. Cooper has the potential to be better than Adams, he’s just not happy where he’s at and needs a new change in environment. I personally would make that trade, we need more blue chip players on this roster and a late first rounder won’t guarantee that.


Safety is a need as is right now and Haha Clinton-Dix our only decent safety has said that he will not be here next year.


I get what you are saying, but they have, not need, have to get a pass rusher, a Tackle, and a Safety and that is minimal. I would be very careful about trading that 1. Right now, the play of the OL negates wr play. I continue to believe between MM and the constant hits they are gambling with Rodgers.

One final thought, that 2nd one could be pivotal in filling a need for a pr in a trade up in the draft.


It seems like Scantling is perfecting the Jordy deep ball, but is struggling with short to intermediate (which should come in time.) ESB is starting to become a decent sideline / position type similar duties as Allison used to have. Moore needs a tutor or a special ed class to learn the basics of this offense. But they should be good at WR for a few years now.

With the need at Safety and the Packers need (which is going to get worse), I would offer no more than a 3rd at max for the safety that the Raiders are shopping. Supposedly this up coming draft is going to be deep with pass rushers. At this point I would say that there is no reason to move up in the draft. Really good pass rushers will be available through the first and second rounds. The same can be said for tackles. Having two first round picks really makes things easier. Then the later rounds, they have a history of finding small school talent that is on par or better than the bigger school talent when it comes to the OL.


I would live to see the two services top 150 of what they see as likely available. It is so early, I will say there are some intriguing pass rushers. I don’t necessarily share your optimism about pass rushers being available in round two and am not certain that you will be able to get a tackle day 3, but who knows this far out. I have seen some projections and to me, this draft looks like recent drafts, but is early. Of the two, I would not give more than a 2 for Cooper or a 3 for Joseph and that’s predicated on thinking , their thinking, that this is a playoff team.

There is another caveat. If they were to fire MM the hc chooses his coaches, it is past time to move beyond Campen and MM obsolete schemes. Also the next staff may be a 4-3 or more 4-3 based scheme. Either or both would require big personnel changes in the trenches. I am not suggesting that is bad, just that to me I would keep my powder dry, as I don’t see this as a player away team.


I agree we are not 1 player away from winning a Super Bowl. I think we will play better after the bye and getting a few injured guys back. Just not sure we’ll see the results because of the Murderer’s Row schedule we have over the next 6 games.

We need all those Draft picks. I figure we only keep 1 of our Free Agents. We won’t keep Cobb or Matthews, which leaves Bulaga or Ha Ha. I would vote Ha Ha If I’m choosing. But we are slated to have about $40 million in Cap space to work with so the opportunity to keep 1 of those 4 plus sign 1 or 2 more equivalents is there.

Rodgers is not going to “increase” in mobility as he gets older so we better make sure we protect him. It’s a huge priority in my view. You can’t have Rodgers’ salary on the sidelines. I’d love to add an OL with one of those 1st rounders and maybe another solid FA acquisition be it Bulaga or someone else.

“Keep our Powder Dry” is right.


Haha has already said that he doesn’t think he will be here next year. Which can easily translate to I’m leaving for my desired team and / or money.


[quote=“sarahfar, post:6, topic:28064”]
One final thought, that 2nd one could be pivotal in filling a need for a pr in a trade up in the draft. [/quote]

I was wondering why we needed a pr (punt returner) so badly, We needed to give a 2nd rounder for one ? Took me a while to realise you meant pass rusher.

One thing about having an extra first round pick, is that half the fanbase wants to spend it immediately on this or that veteran. Also, you are usually talking about their 2nd contract (the big one). If instead you use it on a draft pick, you can get a high quality player on a budget for 4-5 years. If you think that is penny-pinching, it is, because that is how you have to think when $34m is tied up in one player.

I wouldn’t even want to use the 2nd rounder to trade up in the first (although i might consider it if a really good player drops). As you say, OLB, OT, S, in the first two rounds, could help this team a lot. Maybe a TE in round three, as well. Then fill out with interior OL, DL, another Safety etc.

If there were any good pass rushers left when the Packers 2nd round pick rolls around, I’d consider getting a second one. That would necessitate dropping OT or S to a third round pick - not ideal - but it’s about what value is there, at your pick.


He’s not opposed to staying in GB. He just believes GB will not offer him what he believes he can get on the open market. GB will have the Franchise tag available if needed but I doubt they use it.

The other thing is if you lose all 4 of those guys you know you have a 2020 Comp picking coming back for each one. Likely all 4 picks would show in rounds 3-5. That would be 11 2020 picks. The Packers have 9 picks in 2019 including an extra 1st and 6th rounders.

That along with the $40 million in Salary Cap give us lots of ammunition to play the Off Season multiple different ways, including Draft, Trades, and/or Free Agency.


During the off-season there was a big piece on him and what his perception of his value was, I can’t remember where but the number 70M sticks in my mind. I guess when you look at the Fuller year deal, he probably views himself that way, but I don’t. It isn’t just that he is slow and not physical with me. I don’t know if he is worth it, what I know is there a really funky dynamic on this team and in the locker room.

And I get the price of putting so much in Rodgers, which is why I am so concerned with the OL, it is just that Bulaga has fallen badly, there is really something off there.

When they pulled the plug on TT, rightfully I think, I wondered if they shouldn’t just clean house everywhere. The training staff is horrible, I like this draft, but they won’t let Jones or Adams on the field, and a lot of their schemes to me are jumbled, especially on offense. They don’t put their players in a position to succeed. MM to me has run his course in GB. While you never know from week to week in the NFL, they don’t belong on the field with either NE or LA. Miami, Minny and Chicago are all likely to beat the Packers. The playoffs this season seem a stretch. So I would keep my powder dry. Unfortunately call it retooling or rebuilding, some of that is coming, and I hope it comes with a brighter HC with a cleaner non-muddled scheme with an emphasis on execution.


Bulaga has fallen badly? Other than his injuries, what is wrong? When he plays he is one of the top pass blocking tackles in the game.