Aaron Rodgers tries to clarify contract rumors



I think it is pretty clear things are getting a little muddled in GB. The Rodgers contract is just one interesting thing going on in GB. Matthews has made some fairly critical comments about Ol depth. Moss on Packers.com gave the single worst coaches press conference I’ve seen in GB. It is worth a look and Graham gives a great one in contrast.

My sense remains there may be a good deal more behind the scenes than we realize, Rodgers turns 35, that they have had so many remedial secondary drafts, they have increasing refused to invest much beyond Spriggs in Ol talent. And increasingly Spriggs appears a wasted pick. They did look at Ol early, but I am bothered they waited until 5 to address Ol needs. Clearly I don’t think Rodgers sees himself as optionless as some in the media do.

I just can’t get over how bad Winston Moss interview/pc was… reflects poorly on MM and Murphy, just brutal…:


Screwed up Matthews was critical about Olb not Ol depth…


Wow! You’re right. That was an awful interview. He seemed totally disinterested. Didn’t want to be there. Almost as if he had been fed a dose of information that he didn’t like at all before he went out, and was simply doing his duty, or as another big name in the NFL once said, “Was just there so he wouldn’t get fined.”


I’ve seen blows up, and bad press conferences, but nothing like that. My impression of Moss has always been he is bizarre and ruined a lot of talent. I have viewed as a weak link, but that exceeded my worst nightmare of him. This speaks to MM arrogance and lack of any semblance of analysis. Just seems to me insane to let him act like that. Obvious now to anyone, why he will never get a HC or DC job. MM isn’t doing either the Packers or Moss any good to let him do that. He clearly had grown more and more toxic on the staff. Last year in TC he got into an altercation with Campen I believe, if the organization has good sense and wants Pettine to have a chance, they should fire Moss now, that was a tremendous unforced mooning of everyone…


It seems like Moss is displaying tendencies like someone that is Bi-Polar.


He made poor Ted Thompson look like Chatty Cathy. Clearly something very wrong and brooding there… Who would want to play for that?