A Visual Comparison of Gutes Draft Vs. TT's Draft


Gutes Draft

Ted Thompson’s Draft

Feels good after the trade and reflecting after a week on the talent we got. It has been years since the packers got a ton of talent instead of the Incredible Fella and Fedora Ron (Ron not included) like TT used to do.


A lot to unpack with this draft. I like the RAS high talent in this draft. Seems to me they have 4 or 5 guys who could have impact long term and 2 st guys. Thompson gets a lot of credit for taking Rodgers and Collins, but do we really know that he didn’t have to be talked into that? People don’t really know how deep Thompson’s desire to always move down is… Cue up Jack as Col and maybe we don’t want to know the truth.

Yeah I think St Brown has a real shot to be an impact player. He probably was knicked for not always finishing big plays and being a different spirit…ie he might have a life beyond football. I think the two corners have a good shot. I really like the Lb. I like what they did with better metrics and this group.

But I wouldn’t oversell this draft either. Dion Sanders and Jerry Rice they probably aren’t. When people oversell drafts they usually end up sorely disappointed. No I don’t think MM is a good coach at putting rookies in a good place to succeed immediately. No I don’t think Capers was a senile DC who lost it. I think TT and Ball messed up a lot the last 3 years. I don’t think this turns on a dime. I think they took a step forward. I also think MM’s job should be on the line. That is what really concerns me.

I just caution people, 4 to 6 contributers is indeed rare, and while people look at the trade @ 14 as brilliant, that could easily look a lot different in February. In the end they appeared to do well, but there are plenty of holes to fill still…,.


I really like BG. The aggressive, unpredictable approach is refreshing. Hard to say how TT would have used these picks. When you start with 12 who knows. His best draft involved him trading UP into the 1st round. But no way does TT trade from 14 down to 27 anyway and especially he does it do that with the mind towards looking to trade back up. That’s about as creative as it gets. Not to mention they must have done loads of work in identifying potential trade partners before the draft. I like that

I suspect TT would have taken Edmunds. No way to know. If Alexander or the presumed extra first rounder we get next year ends up being anywhere close to a similar player to the guys we passed on the trade becomes a BIG win for us.

I don’t think the guys we took round two and following have any distinguishing characteristic that would indicate TT would not have done something similar as he is drafted comparably in past years but again there’s no way to know


really into this draft because didn’t get any of the Revengers like Fedora Ron *Ron Not Included type of draft that Ted usually did. We upgraded where we needed.


That Packers love of a high RAS (Relative Athletic Score) is illustrated below.

Kendall Donnerson 9.98
Equanimeous St.Brown 9.84
Joe Looney 9.74
Oren Burks 9.72
Jaire Alexander 9.54
Josh Jackson 9.27
Marquez Valdez-Scantling 9.25
J’Mon Moore 8.43
Cole Madison 4.59

These RAS high scores go beyond even last years draft. Also, like last year, one player was a low scorer. This year it was T/G Cole Madison, last year it was RB Jamaal Williams.

Last year the Packers had the 3rd most athletic draft, as judged by RAS. This year I haven’t seen a comparison across all teams yet, but surely they must be no.1 with those scores.


It is important to have explosive players. Hopefully they drafted some.


One part of the equation and a meteric , that they are incorporating. Clearly all of these elements are in that number. But there are phsyc and personality, football intelligence and of course film. Film is still big. How much metrics play into thinking and how far they are from the original Wolf sysytem we don’t know. When I first read this after the draft I was more encouraged. The sense is metrics and models are playing more of a role… We will see if it pays dividends…


Absolutely agree on the mental/phsycological evaluations being important. Still, the crazy high average, especially last year and this year, suggests it plays a pretty big role in their choices.

The Packers were on the cutting edge of these things, when a few years back they poached Eayrs (from Minny ?) who was a high quality stats/trends guy. I’m pretty sure Eayrs is gone now, but he left his mark.