A couple of thoughts today


The new QB rule is just ridiculous. I don’t think his one foot ever came off the ground. CM never came up. If that isn’t a clean tackle, I don’t know is. I think the rule worked against us twice while Minny got it on the one penalty. I think Daniels could have had that sack. He didn’t finish the tackle for a sack fearing the flag.

Brice had a bad game. He didn’t go for the ball or the receiver on the last TD. Completely screwed the pooch on the TD to Diggs. Not getting over to help House. Got to have better play out of that position.

Why have House singled up on Diggs? And if he is, why in the world wouldn’t you give him a chance, roll him up on the line and be physical. Having him 10 yards off the ball and having Diggs run right by him might not be the way to go,


That tackle was clean the ref tried covering his tracks saying CM lifted KC in the air and slammed him, which never happened.


BTW, Daniels tried to get around roughing the passer by hugging Cousins for a second then letting him go. The play should have been blown dead, but they acted like Cousins escaped… Just more evidence that the refs were betting on the game.


I think outside of Gilbert the OLB position has been really bad.

But my deepest concerns were confirmed with this OL. They guaranteed Rodgers 100M and put him behind this disgrace of an OL. Rodgers on a bad knee was sacked 4 times and hit another 5. Bulaga looks really bad, McCray looks bad and frankly the interior was a sieve. You can’t let your QB be hit like this and win. Worse yet these OL are there and evaluated in GB to do one thing, pass block. And right now it is a mess…


Agree with sarahfar about the OLBs.
Disagree with sarahfar about the O line.

The sacks are bad, but you have a QB who likes to spend many extra seconds moving around in the pocket to make things happen, and that even goes on when he has an injured knee. Put that same line in front of Brady and the line looks just fine.

Some amazing plays come out of that bought time, but sometimes it becomes a sack. You just cannot compare the line when Rodgers is playing, to one with another QB. Given the need for NFL quality O linemen across the league, I’d say that the Packers have one of the better lines, one with overall experience and talent that varies from one guy below average (McCray, as he is right now), to a little above average (Taylor, Linsley, Bulaga) to excellent (Bakhtiari). I’d guess that more than 22 teams in the league would take this Packers line, over their own.


Yes Rodgers does try to hold the ball and move around as you say. He wants to make the perfect decision and tends to want to set up camp from 2008 until now. But these two games have been different. While they have inconsisntly picked up blitz activity and done well at times, far from well enough. And yes the NFL is struggling with OL, but there is just no way, a 35 year old soon to me QB can’t be hit 9-10 times a week and hold up.

In the first game I thought in the 2nd half a game 1 BB played better. I think against the Vikings he was flat out bad. He doesn’t look like the same guy. And while your point is right on the OL in the NFL right now, given the age and injury history I just don’t see how when they draft for pass protection how they can keep this guy upright and in one piece getting Rodgers hit and sacked 9 times a game…

You may be right, but if you are that this is the future of OLs teams will have to have big QBs and two starter quality QBs.


I think that they will take a Tackle with one of the first 4 picks they have in the next draft. They need another OLB and ILB. One more CB to replace House. If an elite QB falls to Green Bay, they might take him. But anyways with first few rounds a Tackle will be needed, Bulaga is on his last legs and for the most part is beating defensive players with smarts.


It is a pretty tall list. I don’t know that they can get a pass rusher or two and an OT in one draft. I think S right now is a bigger draft need than any of us would have thought. While I really like King and have been a big advocate for him, honesty compells me to say he is struggling to stay healthy. Long talented kid, but in the NFL you have to be able to play. The good of it is the two corners drafted look good so far.

I see zero reason to resign Matthews, would not pay Dix what he wants and increasingy think Perry doesn’t work… I guess there is still time for Perry and Dix, but think while it is early, they have some disturbing needs. The good of it is to say I think all and all this last draft was better and Rodgers has a lot of courage to do what he is doing.


They should be able to get a good Tackle in the second round. Remember the Packers have two first round picks. Burks is part of the answer at ILB, but they need depth. They like hybrid LBs. So I would say that they may take one that is a ILB/OLB.


I’m looking for an edge rusher, a safety and (if Spriggs continues to disappoint through this year) an OT. You can do all of that in the first two rounds.

A TE in round three is a good idea as well. The Lewis and Kendricks deals run out after 2018, and Draftek lists 7 TEs in the first three rounds (all but one of them in rounds 2 or 3). It would be nice to get a higher value TE who can have at least a two-contract career, in Green Bay.

Draftek also lists 9 edge guys, all (supposedly) 6’4" to 6’6", all rated in the top 100 (I cheated by including Jelks, rated 101).

So: Edge, OT, S, TE. A nice balance between offense and defense and all positions of some need.


I have a copy of the PACKER/vike game. The RTP call on Matthews is bogus. Cousins jumped while passing the ball & Matthews tackled him before he was back on the ground. It was a good tackle.
2ndary play in this game was too loosey-goosey for my tastes. The CBs never put a hand on the receivers in the 1st five yards. 1st down pass plays are easy to get against the PACKER 2ndary, and have been for years.
On many 1st downs their dropping 5-8 yards from the line of scrimmage. Are they too afraid to play man?
Hope they don’t waste money resigning Ha-Ha he’s not starting caliber. Hatse to have contact &/or tackle.
House is really slow.