2020 Playoffs Seahawks at Packers thread


The Packers are facing the Seahawks after the bye week in the playoffs since the Packers are the 2 see in the NFC. The Packers cut it close in their last game and lady luck wasn’t on their side with the Seahawks losing because of the refs and the NY booth refused to make the PI call and review it. But at least the Path is a bit easier than the 3rd seed.

So who do you think is coming to Green Bay?


Today we find out who we play.


It is the Seahawks. This is going to be tougher because the cold isn’t as big as it would have been for a dome / southern team.


The Seahawks are a dangerous team, but also a very beatable team. IMO opinion the keys to the game are:

  1. Keep Russell Wilson in the pocket. He’s the most dangerous when he gets out of the pocket and when he’s able to run for a few first downs. When he has to stay in the pocket he becomes a very ordinary passer and sometimes even down right awful.

  2. Offensive Balance. The Packers aren’t a power running team so they can’t just pound you all game long with the run. They also have not been effective when abandoning the run. They have been at their best when they have a good mix and are able to keep teams guessing. A few times this season the run wasn’t working but they stayed with it and by the 4th quarter they were making hay.

  3. This goes without saying, but win the field position, turnover and time of possession battles. I think we need to add to that, don’t give up too many big plays. Those have been the 1 major blemish on our defense this year. Seattle thrives on them. We need to make them earn everything they get.


Very winnable game. Seattle has plenty of issues.


Not exactly an easy game to win. Packers will have there hands full no matter what all the way.


Kenny Clark has a back injury now… This is perhaps the worst thing to happen to this defense all year.


Watching the 49ers Vikings game. It’s clear that the 49ers are one of the few teams that has both offense and defense play through and the other teams like the Packers play to and get knocked back on every play.


This is one of the rare times I don’t like the match up at home for the Packers.


Bulaga and many other Packers are playing with the flu.


First drive the offense looks different and gets a td.


Packers just got screwed out of a turn over!


It was clear that the Packers recovered


Packers are sputtering offensive and defense.

Packers 7 Seahawks 3


Lazard just hurt his leg after the Seahawks missed a fig

Packers 14 Seahawks 3


Packers drove down and Aaron Jones for the TD !!!

Packers 21 Seahawks 3


They need all gas and no f’n brakes in the second half. Refs are trying to help Seattle. Ball wasn’t snapped and they called 12 men and didn’t allow him to get off field which he was about to do.


Well Seattle is coming out hot


Rodgers just led the answer looking 10 years younger! TD!!!

Packers 28 Seahawks 10


Now it has been all brakes and no gas on offense and defense . If this keeps up, Seattle is going to win.