2020 Playoffs NFC Championship Packers at 49ers


This is not a good match up for the Packers Offense as they will need to overpower the 49ers offense and defense to win. The Packers are not a power running team.


I already kind of predicted (if you want to call it that) a Packers loss in the NFCC, but i’ll share some comments on why they might win as well as why they might not. The fact is they can beat anyone in this league including the 49rs, but I think it’s going to be a tall order. They sure have perfected the art of “ugly wins” though. If they win the Superbowl they will need to put that on a shirt…

Why the Packers could lose…
San Francisco has been the stronger team all year long. Early in the season they played a cream puff schedule and I thought they were pretenders. But all those wins filled them with confidence and when the games got tougher they just kept on winning. They have a deadly pass rush with several contributors as well as incredible team speed on both sides of the ball. If they get a lead they are very difficult to play catch up against. If the 49rs can slow the run down they will make 3rd down conversions very difficult. They will very likely double cover Davante Adams and dare the Packers to beat them with another pass catcher. Maybe Lazard is up to the challenge, but this is where my lack of confidence lies. We just don’t have a consistent threat opposite Adams.

Why the Packers could win:
The Packers are better than they played in San Francisco earlier in the year. After Bulaga went out of the game early in the first quarter we were left with Alex Light who routinely let Nick Bosa eat his lunch. Old man Bulaga has been just incredible this year and if he recovers well from the flu this week should solidify our O-line, both in run blocking and pass protection. The 49rs front is very light and we might be able to run on them which would help keep the down and distance more manageable, as well as open up Play-Action and maybe create some better throwing lanes. Additionally the 49rs have committed roughly 1.5 Turnovers per game. If the Pack win the turnover battle it will greatly help there cause. It will be imperative that the Smith’s get pressure on Jimmy G. If they can harass him he may throw a Pick or two and there is always the possibility of a Sack/Fumble. The Packers will have to treat George Kittle much the same as they did DK Metcalf. The strategy allowed Tyler Lockett to do some damage, but you have to pick your poison and limiting big plays is the goal. The Packers didn’t do that in the first matchup.


It is more winnable than people think. They can’t turn the ball over like they did earlier. They have to challenge the 49er corners. I like the match-up better than most, you are right, they are a lite team. There are real opportunities here. Jace had a big game. It be interesting to see if Scantling has any viability at all. This isn’t the problem mobile Qb teams or Dallas presented. Atlanta beat them, and Seattle was inches away from beating them. 3 the sets and run and throw…


I love where they are. They have nothing to lose and have been dissed all season. I really have a good feeling about this Packer team. Good teams play well in December and big dogs walk late. We will see who the big dogs are…


Well this team has done better than what we thought going into the season.


We are little over an hour away from this game. Anyone got butterfly’s?


49ers inactives

QB C.J. Beathard

RB Jeff Wilson Jr.

CB Dontae Johnson

TE Daniel Helm

LB Azeez Al-Shaair

WR Jordan Matthews

DL Kevin Givens


Not liking the start


Well it’s a good time to start talking about the draft


Rogers play is really bad a fumbled snap is inexcusable, he is really playing poorly.


They will either have to trade up to draft a QB or trade for one, Rogers is really looking like a guy who is done…


I agree that they need to draft Rodgers replacement. They need two defense of lineman and an inside linebacker. A Wr and true power back too.


I really think that Hackett has down graded the play book. MLF likes him but he needs someone innovative in the oc position. Luke Getsy fits being innovative for the play book.


Lot of things here. Pettine can’t stop the run. They have no competent inside linebackers. They need to get that dL, sorted out other than Clark, they really are short. I think they can add a couple of free agents but drafting at 30 is very tough.

In terms of coaches, not sold on the secondary coach. I think it all starts with evaluating Rodgers and Pettine. Rodgers is physical. Pettine, I don’t know, he couldn’t stop the run, but they made a huge mistake extending Lowry. SF was able to whip him with Te’s. He is a short arm guy that just won’t hold up against the run.


I think Pettine can stop the run but he has to try covering having one starting caliber d lineman and backup quality Ilb. I personally think that other teams third string DL are better the Packers starting DL with Clark being the exception.

Hackett additions to the offense made it more like McCarthy. MLF is more like Shannahan’s offense. Remember last year when he said he had to combine what he does with what Hackett does. Remember MLF’s brother was the first choice for oc but was blocked.


Well I don’t know, I agree they need DTs, ilb and could use a rb and a we, but they have some needs in other areas. I don’t see Graham and Tramon Williams back. Bulaga is a close call. At more than 3 years 40M definitely a no, I don’t think he want a discount deal. So they will have some money to play with depending on how they approach things.


I think that the guy that they brought in a couple weeks ago who started last week actually was better than Bulaga in this scheme. He probably would have done better than Bulaga today too.


There were good things today and recently. Sternberger really has come on, and this kid has a future. Larzard has played well, and they get back St. Brown. Scantling is a bust after so much hype, but they could use a small speedster and there is one in this draft. The corners were able to make it through the year. The Smiths had a monster year, Clark played well. We will see if Gute and LaFleur make changes and where they go.


Hoping MVS is going through his sophmore slump like Adams did. I always believed that ESB was better than Allison with a higher ceiling. Sternberger seems to be a better fit for the offensive attack.