2020 Packers Draft


Who will it be?
When will it be?
Where will it be?

All these will become clear.


Here is my wild idea of what could happen. The Packers trade up to jump in front of Minnesota and take the first player that Minnesota is targeting. lol…


Rapoport; Packers have been burning up the phone lines to move up.


Trade Packers First Round Pick at 26

Packers select QB

Jordan Love

Aaron Rodgers heir apparent


In the second round of the Packers pick,

RB AJ Dillon.

a hammer But not what they need


I have been on the bandwagon of needing to get more powerful with strength on offense to keep up with defenses like the 49ers.

Funches maybe what we needed at wr. Dillon and the TE they drafted also fits with the increasing need of power players.


Martin ilb


Runyan G Michigan


Jon Runyan is a second Generation ol. He has short arms.


Hanson Center


Stepaniak OT


It is apparent that they can sign FAs Monday without ruining draft compensation. So I would expect Gute to sign a DL like snacks Harris.


Still trying to get my mind around day 1 and 2 of the draft. Usually you can make sense of it. I keep going back that fumble in the second half of the championship game where Rodgers made no attempt. And now there is a lot rumors that fit, Rodgers is won’t accept coaching. We have seen all this over the last several years.

It was interesting see the LSU coach comments about Love. His tape is interesting. I don’t know if he works or not. They still have roots in Wolf evaluation fundamentals, and he may have one of the key elements. A lot of it is in the feet and legs. There are some interesting things I see. Not comparisons, but intriguing things. Generally, really risky, but so was Rodgers and the KC move 3 years ago. When you look at Favre, Rodgers, KC, Seattle and Cleveland, all that evaluation was Wolf people. I just didn’t see this coming.

As to Harrison would be interesting if there is a season.


I don’t have the same feeling about Love as I did Rodgers. I hope I am wrong. Dillion is a great power back that can run, that gave the 49ers major fits last year.

The Packers just picked up a run stuffing DT, apparently he is the guy who tipped the bears discount double doink field goal miss.


Would never say you are wrong they are all observations. And I think when we think about Rodgers he was widely expected to be a 1 or 2. He played against I Illinois and I didn’t think much of him. But I shut up, I will never be able to tell how this happened and who wanted the pick, I promised never to reveal it, but it was someone in the draft room high up. Now I have zero sources and haven’t had for 10 years. Then I had 4.

That said, I think your observation is astute. I see a little Favre, a little Mahomes, a little Russell Wilson and vaguely a young Warren Moon. But those relate to arm strength and feet. When he is good, he is very good, but often in the same game he is not good. He is very inconsistent, and has common issues that young qbs have. He is going to take time and I really don’t know what to expect.


The whole culture has changed with in the organization, they make sure that no real information leaks out, like The information about Woodson. I can say any reporter that reports so called inside information about the Packers is most likely making it up. People that are in positions to know are held accountable. A lot of information is kept only amongst a few people and others will never come with in listening distance. That’s what I have been told. Every once and a great while something will slip, but it is not like it used to be.

With that being said, Love has a few X factors that is needed to play in Green Bay’s weather. He has the right sized hands, arm strength, and good footwork.


That is correct. My sources when I had them were either directly from the organization or tied to it. Ron Wolf and Mike Sherman were not really worried about guarding it like Thompson. Dorsey was a big leaker I think. But you are correct when Thompson tightened up maybe 2010-12 and the Lts got jobs it seemed to dry up. Even McGinn is locked out, but he has pretty decent league sources. Generally the last 5 years seem they really don’t like the media.