2019 Redskins at Packers thread


Packers are just about in with the playoffs. However the wheels still can fall off. The Redskins are looking for a win.


Kevin King is out today


Packers out to a hot start on defense, offense, and special teams.


Looks like the offense is starting to sputter and the defense is starting also


Yeah, nothing really since the first quarter. The WRs (mainly Adams) runs the routes and gives up.


I think there is a lot to unpack today. DL played well. Josh Jackson played well. Martinez held up generally in the run game, but can’t cover. Thought he was better today, but that means he is adequate generally as a 2 down guy as long as they don’t throw.

Was very disappointed in both both Rodgers and LaFleur. Really I think today from both the QB and HC I thought they performed poorly. We will see if the Packer offense can play 3 or 4 quarters. I think the time for the Packers to put it together is now. For a host of reasons, they need more urgency. It is really a great opportunity and think the next year or two , 2020/21 could be more challenging. They have some roster challenges and won’t have the luxury of broad use of fa as they did this year. Most importantly they will be drafting at the back end of the draft…,


I’m glad that they won the game, but it sure was ugly. I noticed after a while, that Rodgers was not moving out of the pocket or trying to throw on the run which something that he is pretty good at. I don’t know what that is all about.

I can’t say that he isn’t buying into the changes. I think he still likes to do things his way. I watched the Rams game last night and noticed that Goff would snap the ball with there was about 5 or 6 seconds left. Rodgers takes too darn long to get out of the ball and snapping it. I don’t understand it unless he is just not comfortable with the new scheme.

Except for the running game the rest of the offense seemed to be totally out of sync.


I think he got injured and is gun shy. Plus things ache in the cold especially after having surgery.


I think that it is taking Rodgers to get the plays called because of the length of terminology. I think Goff might have an abbreviated version allowing to get going faster.