2019 Panthers at Packers game thread


The Panthers are coming to town, after the Packers received a (IMO NEEDED) loss to the Chargers. Hopefully they can correct the things they need to this week.


Kick off in a hour . Amos and Alexander are a go.


First drive they pick on Martinez


Going back to cold and hot on offense and defense. Packers are lucky to be up right now


Holy Whoah, Graham just did what he was expected to do Biggly play.


Packers start off stumbling offense with the penalties. Then big players touchdown. Thought it was gonna be a bad sign considering how the first half ended


Kevin King found Lambeau Field. Been a long time. Now he is making plays tonight.


Overall the Packers hit on only 4 cylinders of 8 tonight. A game that they almost gave away. Some was stupidity other was lack of talent being exposed like the DL (Lancaster) ILB (Martinez in the passing game).

McCaffery looks like a lesser Aaron Jones and sorry Troy but he is not an MVP candidate.


I agree, would add Lowry, to that if he doesn’t significantly improve, it could be wise to cut him, he has been terrible.

Unless the wheels come off, should be a playoff team, the problem is they can’t stop the run and those underneath drag routes are always open. I really don’t like where Pettine has this defense.


So I took a look if they cut Lowry in 2020 he would be 4.5 M cap hit but he is slated for 5.2 M next season… 700K savings for sending him packing. 3 M in the 2021 Cap net savings.

I like Graham but don’t see them paying him 10M plus in 2020. These next 6 games will tell the tale on Bulaga. Who knows if he can stay healthy, but right now I can’t believe he has held up this well and played this well. Frankly I think he probably can get 3 or 4 years and more than the Packers will want to pay. If they want him and are going to commit time isn’t necessarily their alley.

Martinez wants a big contract. That would be insane.


Graham seems to make one big play to 3 penalties and 3 drops. Martinez can walk at this point, find a better player in the first two rounds. Defense has to bring up a safety to help him creating the big play for opposing teams. The defense has lacked the intensity it had early in the season.


Packers had 3 DL in today. One of those was Iowa DT Carl Davis. He has bounced around and you would have to see where he is, but I did a lot of work when he came out of Iowa. Like a lot of bigs and is a bigun, he has an uneven motor, but there is real talent there. I was very high on him when he came out some of his work at Iowa was great. At 27 he could possibly help.


When was the last time GB took a ILB in the first 2 rounds? They don’t put value there and haven’t in forever. They bring a S down, not because of Martinez, but because they are in the Nickle or dime. Very rarely do they have a second ILB on the field. One of the reasons we can’t stop the run. We were much more aggressive early on. Now we are afraid of the big play and don’t like to blitz as much. Atleast it doesn’t seem that way. Might be wrong on that one.

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GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN CADDIS!!! It has been a long time. Hope all is well.

I do think that they rarely play two ILB’s is because they barely have one that is decent at tackling but poor at coverage. At the begining of the season they moved Z. Smith to ILB on some plays and had Gary replace him on the outside. However Z. Smith can’t Cover either. They had better pressure with him in the middle but worse coverage.


Yeah they are short at ILB.

And you are correct Keke could be a talent in the future. The problem though is I don’t see any adjustment by Pettine. And what disturbs me more than even limited or no adjustments is he has put the 2018 2 pic 45 and the 3 on ice. My fear is there are now 4 silos with Pettine, Gute, Ball and MLF with a 5th the only solo that matters is Murphy. I think Pettine and Ball have Murphy’s eat. With that out there, I love the MLF scheme and adjustments with few exceptions, I just don’t think he has control of anything other than the O and even that Rodgers wants veto power. Just my view but great conversations guys…


Pettine’s defense has been always known for adjustment to the players he has. He is trying to cover up several issues, which it looks like he is refusing to adjust.