2019 Packers at Giants thread


After an offense effort that would put the last two years to shame in a negative way… The Packers face the Giants…


Its game day… Not much to say.


Soft zone is getting torn apart


Offense is going early


Phantom Unnecessary roughness on Martinez.


It seems like the Packers defense did better whe they lined up Z Smith all’s ilb and dl


I thought there were some really good things. Doesn’t change weaknesses? No, the middle of the defense - Martinez, Lowry and Lancaster are huge holes. But despite some of the ignorance of fans, the secondary played well. Most UW fans will never forgive King because his name isn’t Watt, but he has been solid. They can’t get over the SF debacle where Amos and Savage blew quarters coverage and Kittle scored. But Amos, Savage and the corners played very well. I thought also Allison and Lazard had big games. Was really important and nice to see Sternberger get some snaps, that could be big as we move through December. Not a wow game, but to me a lot nice little things that could blossom…


When they put Gary in with one of the Smiths in the Middle, it does cause more pressure and the Giants had a harder time with that combination. The offense ran smoother, but not perfect. Rodger spread the ball around and it kept the defense honest. It seems like when Rodgers targets one to two guys for the most part, the offense sputters.


Yeah, when Rodgers spreads the ball around, the offense is better. And if Sternberger turns out solid it will be a huge help.

Great special teams too, thought Scott was really spectacular again and Crosby great given his situation and the conditions. Great st play and coaching.

All that said every team has weaknesses, unfortunately that interior of the front 7 and ILB has issue is glaring and they really haven’t been able to protect them. They have no margin for error. All Of that said this team has yet to put 4 quarters together, which is another reason ST was big yesterday. The positive I thought yesterday was going down it to me was better roster usage.


I think Sternberger is a guy that will take time to develop and the weight and conditioning room is needed.