2019 Packers at Chiefs game thread


The Packers are on a roll, however they have a bad history with facing backup QBs. Reid will make sure this isn’t easy.


Mahomes is supposed to be out. I don’t trust that he will be a last-minute go.


Chiefs will try to do what Oakland did isolate on Martinez. Hopefully the interior DL and Savage can help, but I think Reid will try to do what the Eagles and Raiders did and try to shorten Packer opportunities. That said the Chiefs are really banged up.


Packers are laying down for a backup…


Packers need to bring in some of their old wrs to coach the current group how to get open and not give up.


Well the Packers barely won a game that’s was a loss.


I thought Rodgers had some good moments and some bad moments. He seemed to have some issues in the 2nd quarter with the blitzing, and holding the ball at times. But I thought he did better in the 2nd half. Thought the rbs and tes played well.

Pettine had a brutal game. Martinez was abused, they were lucky on defense, very lucky. There are rumors Leonard Williams is available for less than a 1, that makes a hell of a lot of sense as does any athletic ILB…


The Chiefs didn’t lose because Mahomes was out. Their offense was efficient and Matt Moore played well. It’s possible they might have started faster with Mahomes, but ultimately the Chiefs lost in part from the fumble that gave us an extra possession and because their defense couldn’t get off the field in the 2nd half. I have been disappointed in our defense the past couple weeks, but one thing to keep in mind is… this is the 3rd week in a row that we have faced an opponent with extra time to prepare and game plan. Detroit had a bye before playing us. Oakland had a bye before playing us. And the Chiefs had 10 days following a Thursday night tilt before playing us. We need to get another road win against the Green Bay Chargers (sorry, this will be a West Coast Home game for us) and then we get a bye at what seems like the perfect time. That following game against the 49rs looks like it could have huge Playoff implications.


Reid almost won because the system is set up as a plug and play wco.


Outside of the Smith’s tackling is an issue (They are not the best either at wrapping up).


Yeah Pettine apparently has no issue with consistent missed tackles. I thought the secondary had their nads pulled as Pettine wanted them in a deep zone all night. He was frightened of Hill, Hardeman and Kelce. Thought the Performace by Martinez was horrific. I get he and Williams are Pettine coaches on the field, but Martinez is a very weak ilb.


Martinez has his limitations in coverage, but he’s a pretty good player. Having a club on his hand was also not ideal. I do think we need to add a piece at that position, but not as a replacement for Martinez. Rather as a running mate that can cover. Not sure if you remember Brandon Chillar, but a guy like that next to Martinez would be amazing.


Yes I do, in fact I knew Chillar intended to sign with GB. Chillar was big and very athletic. But there are fallacies in Martinez. He is not the player Hawk was, fans loved to hate on Hawk, but he was solid in playing the run and didn’t get scrubbed by Ol. Hawk like all ilb was overmatched by fast te’s and rb’s but was faster and stronger than Martinez. Both have some limitations in space. But I will say this, the interior of the DL is very weak and they have grossly miscalculated if they think Lowery and Lancaster are holding up. They have impacted Kenny Clarke …,


A lot of interesting chatter about the trade deadline. Most relates to Packers trade for WR, a few defensive players. Interesting one is the Gary Pettis kid. I just can’t see why SF would give up on him, but they about Jackson for Pettis in many of these. I would not give up on Jackson. But all the focus seems to be on WRs.


I just want to be clear I have heard 5 or 6 wrs, 1 lib, 1dl runstuffer and 2 tes. None are real in my view , but the Pettine Is fascinating. Just don’t see them being able to make that deal with SF. Maybe you do though for Jackson. I still believe though deadline comes and goes no move


In one of my previous posts I mentioned the Chargers and the Bye and that big 49rs game. In doing so I forgot about the Panthers whom we play before that Bye week. I hate getting too far ahead of myself, because literally anything can happen in any one of these games. But if we can get a win in San Francisco that would be huge for a lot of reasons. Some obvious, some not so obvious.

Tie Breaker vs. 49rs
Conference Record
Possible tie breaker for common opponents
Strength of Schedule / Strength of Victory

I have some thoughts on how the Playoff seeding is likely to happen, but it’s honestly way too early. I will keep those thoughts bottled up for now and see how the next few weeks play out. As it stands I do expect the Packers to make it to the post season, but they could easily land at any one of the 6 seeds.


I don’t know if any team is good enough this season to look ahead. I am sure that Packers have to take one game at a time. This game is one to really be concerned about. Denver and KC depleted as they were gave the Packers fits.

That said the have won 7 of 8, a lot of people can say they called it, but the schedule of the first 8 looked brutal. The NFL is week to week, but I agree the Packers today look like they are in a good spot. I don’t know that they can overlook anyone though.


Most of the Packers issues early in the season were Rodgers not knowing the offense. Now he does a bit better. Now it is the lack of ILB that can cover, shortage of capable DL men, and tackling.


They need to focus on getting to ten wins (which is higher probability of a wild card), then focus on winning the division, then focusing on getting a first round bye. Remember it can go south fast like the past couple of seasons.


8 one at a time, 8 is now the most important #.