2019 Packers at Chargers game thread


The Packers are coming off a victory. The Chargers will be a different team, as they terminated their offensive coordinator yesterday. While their record shows that they are not exactly the best, with someone else calling the plays, it will be hard to zero in the offenses tendencies as the game had been called for the Packers Defense.


Looks like Adams is back


The Packers didn’t come to play


The more I see of Mike Pettine and his scheming the less I like. He refuses often to adjust. His performance has been on the slide since the first couple of games and no adjustments.


And I have to say this last few game stretch Jaire Alexander has really regressed. He has some TBuck in him, but if he isn’t hurt some of this is on Pettine and the DB coach. It is a concern right now.


Pettine is working with trying to cover for not having any ilbs. The only time the are good is when the qb is heavily pressured. The Packers need two more dL and two more lib of averages starting quality. Martinez is a high end back up


Yes, I think they need dL, ilbx2, maybe a corner. My issue with Pettine is he won’t adjust, it is a dogged rush 4 drop 7, as Rivers and Tramon said, no change up, no varied looks.

Stats lie I get it but in this case the Packers defense is the 26th ranked defense in the NFL and falling. And Pettine is on the verge of busting the 2018 2 and 3. They should win 2 or 3 of the last 7, maybe 4, but there are real issues on defense. There also was some kind of side commotion with the defense at the end. And the big problem with is they also have needs on offense.


I think his adjustments to cover for the ILB and DL are creating the huge holes.


This true. But Lowry getting that kind of deal, and them thinking he can plug and play was a huge mistake. People who do film study say he is a very large part of the issue. He is being overwhelmed with 1-1 blocking at the point of attack freeing second level devastation by Ol. Lowry is long at 6-6 but has very short arms and is not big. It is devastating right now with no real nose type or heft.

I see it as what people have always wanted a 4 man front. They are running a 4-1-6 or 4-7 and teams are running and throwing underneath. This is very tenuous and we will have to see. I wasn’t surprised to see Rivers say some of what he said, but was stunned by the Veiled Tramon criticism of Pettine and the sideline at the end of the game.

If Pettine has any juice left, I think they make the playoffs, but I believe this is not a burn the tape deal here. There are some real issues that need GM and Coaches to assert corrections.


Cutting Daniels was a mistake


I don’t fault them for cutting Daniels, I probably wouldn’t have but that part appears to be correct. Daniels doesn’t have much left. I fault them for the insane overestimate of Lowry, he can’t and won’t hold up. He has really hurt the play of Clarke. I wonder who is really responsible for this Lowry decision: Gute, Pettine, Ball, Murphy or all? The only one not is LaFleur. The ST coach is a Pettine pal, not impressed with him either. Some of that could be a front office thing though to.

The Packers should win at least 9, and could win 13. Unless Minny has injury the Packers won’t beat them at home. But if they get beat at home by Carolina all bets are off.

Lowry and not having a better answer is a big issue,


USA Today/ Kruse have an interesting piece about the Packers defense from the Philly game today and Martinez/Kenny Clarke. The Stats are clear the Packers defense is real in regression and are not remotely even a middle of the Pack defense, the Athletic piece paints a very dismal picture and has a lot of examples and pics. Martinez apparently believes he is one of the best ILB in football and wants big money. The Packers defense stat wise since Philly is horrific. Lots of culprits…ick…


Like I have said Martinez is a great backup. When he is the best that you have, there is something wrong. The Packers needed a different type of player at OLB to run this defense. They got it. Now they are still trying to cover for something that has been an issue before Pettine took over.


I get what you are saying, but zero doubt, Pettine has not stressed stopping the run. The run defense is worse than when he took over. Someone will have to take responsibility for Dean Lowry, because as of today, they have a huge need for DL, ILBs, and S depth.

The individual who has got the shaft is LaFleur. While O needs players, would appear to me Pettine can’t or won’t adjust to what teams are doing. I went back and studied the history of Pettine, he Rex have always been proponents of big plays and stopping passing, they aren’t gap system guys. I think there could be a big issue. Bigs are tough to get in the NFL, and besides Martinez Packers aren’t loaded right now with bigs. Offenses are returning to creative WCO concepts away from the Spread. They are running on Pettine which he can’t stop, which makes passing even more successful. We’ll see what they do with Carolina, but Pettine needs to turn it around in a hurry…,


And that is no knock on you or your thoughts. The stats are pretty brutal the last 5 games on defense, but there could be a lot reasons. Tomorrow will go a long way to answering whether they are real or pretenders. If Pettine can stop the run with his scheme and with Lowry and Lancaster , tomorrow would be a good day to get it done…


I can see where both of you are coming from. Your not going to have good ILB play without good inside line play. Clarke is getting doubled all the time. The other guy in isn’t getting it done.

Can’t say I’m much of a Pettine fan at this point. His D looks like Capers did most of the time. Nickel and dime even when they don’t have to go with it. Rely on a 4 man rush. He does show blitz and back out of it more. So I like that he is at least looking to mess up the blocking schemes a bit. But it’s the same BS as Dom’s D. Miscommunication on assignments. Deep drops by the Nickel LB so the middle of the field is wide open. Bend but don’t brake, react D. Give up 400+ yards a game. Get a lead and play soft. Hold on til the end.

I was excited with what I saw the first few games. More aggressive, attack D. Now we look like we have for the last decade.

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Nope. Young guys were all out on the town. Said that to the guys I was watching the game with. AR made a remark about it in his presser. Wake up call.


It was a wake up call, I really don’t like winning too many games as it inflates egos.

I thought Keke did better than Lancaster, I also thought M. Adams did too. I do think that they need a better ILB and upgrade of the DL.

Caper’s scheme was meant for smart players with lesser talent and Pettines was meant not so smart players that are more athletically gifted. Pettines style of defense opens the door to more players. Pettines Defense can be fixed easier. For the most part it isn’t miscommunication, it is several positions wearing too many hats to cover for two positions that don’t have any hats. But the good thing is that both smiths can play LB and DL.

I think Pettine knows that he is lacking a impact ILB. I’m sure that they will be on the lookout for a better one. Pettine was a Ravens coach for a long time in the early to mid 2000s.

Out of the starting DL the only one that would have made it on 2000s Ravens is Kenny Clark. Martinez would have never made that team either because he didn’t fit.