2019 Packers at 49ers thread


Going to be a tough game for the defense dealing against the run.



Just hours away from game time!


The 49ers are a banged up team. The packers are coming off a bye week where they’re back up Guard Madison torn ACL and practice.


Devante Adams really messed up the first drive


Refs are sure wowing the 49ers the hold on defense


Well a boneheaded game by Matt LaFleur so far. The 49ers defense has intensity. The Packers started season on the season with intensity on defense but haven’t seen it sense


Jimmy Graham caught the ball it was down by contact. I cannot believe that mlf didn’t throw the challenge flag on that. Unbelievable


LaFleur and his booth folks made a major mistake, very big deal you are correct. Special teams are an issue screw Murphy and his game playing with the Miami ST coach. Pettine refuses to emphasize the run, so once the teams demonstrate they can run, he is toast. Very disappointing game thus far.

Looks like Bulaga career in GB is done with a 3rd ACL.


Hopefully Light can develop. I know that they liked him In the preseason.

At this point I think the whole special-teams staff could be fired.

The 49ers are running the Seattle’s defense that was so intense for years. Maybe Pettine needs to raid some of that staff


Clark is Clearly the best defense of lineman. Then our only best defense linemen are the outside linebackers when they put their hands down on the ground.

The offense is clearly missing something. I think one has to deal with Matt Lefleurs lack of experience and the other is talent


They will have to add a lot of OL help, WR and TE, but LB and DT are big needs too. Right now Rodgers wants to be HC , GM and QB. Think tonight his play was pathetic. He refuses to get rid of the ball or check down. He desperately wants to hold the ball 3 plus seconds in hope of the endless big play.


I do think Pettine Is heading south. I’m thinking that they need to promote Mike Smith before they lose him.


I think LaFleur has a problem on his hands. Rodgers is being bad again. Clearly age is catching up with Rodgers. Clearly, Rodgers doesn’t believe the obvious and buys the media hype. Rodgers defies the central tenets of what they are trying to do, and demands the ability to call it all. There were points early, where Rodgers and LaFleur were in extended headphone conversations.

I think they have major issues and if LaFleur doesn’t exert authority he will get run over. I have to say a Gute, while I like a lot of what he did, could be a help too. Too often, he had early on failed to exert more influence. I think when you are draft centric it is incumbent on the GM to force the issue to get those guys on the field. Gute has to do better than 18 where 2 and 3 can’t get on the field. And even if they are as bad as they look tonight, the draft gets tougher in 2020.

He was really visibly shaken tonight, will be interesting to see how and what plays out.


The truth about Rodgers will come out. Will he ever take pay cut to keep the good players like Aaron Jones? On field play it was lack of players able to get open. The only thing that was open was the very short game and it was not open very long. It’s the same thing that Seattle used to do. I hope Pettine will take note of how this went. The Packers need 3 to 4 defense of lineman That are better than what they have right now. Having two top end outside linebackers can only go so far.


I think what has been in the back of a lot of Packer fans and observers is whether this team had overachieved because of a weak schedule and just when they got to some opponents. But while the Packers have glaring holes, and probably require more free agency and a lot better draft than even the last two years, bigger questions have popped up.

First, I think fans have really been stunned by how bizarre some of the sudden shift in coaching has come. And who knows if it is really coaching, but it isn’t just strategy. Given how poorly the played in LA and that they hadn’t adjusted to late flight, they went one better and left even later. That and MLF sudden blatant game mismanagement have many befuddled.

I think even more dramatic, is they have what increasingly appears a 36 M albatross that looks very un-coachable. So much so, I don’t see how they could pass on drafting a Qb if they are given the opportunity. I watched the Giant Bear game and right now either are capable of beating the Packers, something has really gone wrong here.


MLF at times looked like he was going to cry (I am not joking either).


Yeah like he was trying to hold something back walking on eggshells. When you are protecting the whole you sometimes absorb blame.

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While Boyle is a backup in junk time, it seemed like he was complying to what was asked of him. It was different than what Rodgers was doing. Now remember Favre was on a down hill slide majorly until they draft Rodgers. I think Rodgers needs the same kick in the pants at this point.


Now they had the ultimate weapon to lineup on Sherman, Jimmy Graham. However just like all season all 6’7 of Jimmy played like he is 4’7 with the coordination of Jerry Lewis and the speed of Eddie “Cheeseburger” Lacy.


Jimmy Graham seems willing but his body is just worn out, seems slow and lumbering. He will be cut before next season. I don’t think they bring back Bulaga at pro bowl numbers.

To me the big test is whether Ball and Murphy extend Martinez. If that occurs at the big numbers he is rumored to want will tell us everything we need to know about all the power centers. No way any right thinking personnel people could look at Martinez and think he is a critical piece. Big test as this is the time they look to extend valued players. People correctly skewer the middle of the field, and Martinez is a huge liability.