2019 NFC North Campion Green Bay Packers at Lions thread


The Packers will need this win to get either the 2nd seed (Most Likely) or 1st seed (Unlikely) in the playoffs. If the packers lose, it will be the 3rd seed.

The Lions would love to knock off the NFC Champs and make it harder for the Packers to reach the Super Bowl.


Interesting, could be a trap game, but the NFL is all about match ups.

Maybe it is starting to sink in to Rodgers time is no longer an ally. Great argument to be made that this may well be his best opportunity to get another SB. Unless Rodgers is willing to rework his deal, he looks like a guy who could be gone as early as 2021 or more realistically 2022. They won’t be able to spend in fa like this year, and I would think they would have some thought of extending Bulaga.

This could be a year where they draft a QB, trade up even for one, or trade for someone who has failed elsewhere. Anyway we cut it, this should be a huge game for Rodgers and the Packers, has urgency is everything.

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I really think that this is the year for the Packers to draft a early QB. Rodgers is now the age Favre was when they drafted him. It is all about development. Maybe it will light a fire to push Rodgers for a year or two.


Keep in mind, they will be drafting in the lower part of the draft. If they do it, it will be at a big price to move up, you can’t sit low in 1 and do it. Takes a top 10-15 pick. That also has a price, they don’t sit kids now for 3 years. Could very well be you are right. This is no criticism of your feeling. First hint of that would be signing Bulaga. Didn’t see it comming but he has had a hell of a year, and highly unlikely to sign a freindly shirt deal. I think he likely gets more than people think. In the end it comes down to where they see Rodgers. His play is not good this year, but it is very hard to say it is physical. The thing that concerns me is his accuracy has been consistently bad. His receivers take a beating, but zero doubt his accuracy is off. I don’t personally see the issue you look for first with aging QBs which is the legs going, but who knows…


I think it is possible, but far more likely in 2021. I could more see a surprising trade flyer for Mariota, coach him up if it works, he stays healthy you have the best back they have had and if he blossoms a steal. Very low risk for say a 3rd or 4th, but it would depend on his health. They say LaFleur really made progress with him.

Unless you are willing to give up a boatload of picks and at least a young player, I think a trade up to where you would need to be is nearly impossible this year. There are 4 big QBs in this draft most would want like Eason…


The Packers need a solid QB, that could develop into a star which is what they got with Rodgers. That is why he fell in the draft. Teams are looking for immediate starters. Rodgers fell in a shallow QB draft. In a normal draft he would have been a late first rounder to a third rounder.

Rodgers does have some physical limitations now, he has pins in his throwing shoulder. That effects his motion and strength. As time wears on, it will become filled with arthritis. I am not for trading up, But if the right talent is there to develop for a couple of years, I would take that one.


Now the Packers do have a problem on defense that no one is talking about. The majority of sacks and QB pressures only come from two players. P Smith and Z Smith. They need to find others that can do this as well. Right now this team is ranked 13th in sacks which I thought they were higher. They need a dominant ILB that can do what the Smiths do… Maybe another DL.


That is something they can get between 16-32. I get what you are saying about Qb , but franchise QBs today go at insane premiums, even the Russell Wilson and Brees wannabes of today will go top 10. Teams viewed Rodgers as a head strong case to say it nicely and a Tedford guy with a throwing hitch, he also had a knee issue. I know fans dream of drafting guys in 3rd or 4th rounds and hitting big, but there are big reasons at Qb they fall. The 4th round talent at rob generally at QBs goes top 15, just the way it is, and getting more pronounced.

They released Tony Brown tonight, whispers he was a head case. Extended Patrick


Big test here. Big time trap game, new coach, young team all of it is a red flag. A win here would soften a bad season for Detroit. The Packers can’t overlook Detroit, they have to view it as their most favorite important game of the season.


Tony Brown has been featured a lot less too because of his issues. I think they need to keep the core with the right mentality. Patrick has been Raved about, I think they are considering him the replacement for Bulaga.


Packers key inactives due to injury are Jamaal Williams and Danny Vitale.

Packers Rookie Dexter Williams will have a lot on his plate today.


#Packers players are coming on to Ford Field to a huge applause.


Packers are sleeping on offense and defense to start. Refs spotted the Lions on fake roughing the passer call.


The Packers were also victims of a fake pass interference on the offense stopping a first down


Martinez is being exposed as a practice squad player for the XFL…


Big issues here. Don’t see how LaFleur couldn’t see this coming. He and his coaches didn’t or couldn’t get them ready. Increasingly it appears, Rodgers had either refused to buy in, is in decline or both. Huge huge egg being laid here.


Rodgers pins are an issue. Over throwing because of the pins.

Martinez gets his ass handed to him on every play. Just like all season


Well they found something that worked. Let’s stop doing and go back to what they were doing before…


Gee Martinez interception after a Bad pass that was being thrown away


Another fake pi call to hurt the Packers. Refs must be wearing blue and silver under the zebra stripes.