2019 Bears at Packers thread


The rematch from the beginning of the season. We hopefully the Packers can hold on and win.


Interesting game. I think the fallacy is by the media, the Packer infrastructure isn’t good enough for Rodgers. To me, it isn’t as much the surrounding cast, as Rodgers himself. Rodgers is a man rejecting often the possible, for the perfect big play. I also think his skills are in decline, but his monster ego won’t let him adjust. This game more than any gives him an opportunity to show he can and will adjust.


Like I said Favre went through the same phase before the draft Rodgers.


Packers WRs are getting wide open but can’t catch.


After the Packers lucked out on special teams, Adams for the 4th down TD! Hopefully the WR core will get it going now.


Another stupid coach who wastes TO’s. If he doesn’t waste the early TO trying to draw them off, he has another TO at the end of the first half. Should have had a FG opportunity there.


Well, I think MLF is getting schooled on how to call recently. But the defense is covering up its glaring holes in the middle by bending…


I think they were able to be better in the middle of the field, but the Bears have nothing at te.

Nice win for the team with a major caveat. Rodgers play overall is still very inconsistent. But the 4th qtr sack when they were in field goal range, was inexcusable… all him. Then he compounded with his little hissy fit on the sideline. Who knows, he has accuracy issues and attitude lapses, but I would describe the 36 year 34 plus million QB play this season as perplexing and awkward.


I have noticed that the packers do better with the scripted plays. Make me wonder if MLF has yet to get a feel for actually calling a game.


I think there is more to it. He has to spend a lot of time arguing with Rodgers. I am with Zach Kruse in this, they aren’t on the same page.