2018 Week 9: #NEvsGB #Packers


Game discussion thread.

Allison was just downgraded as out.
Williams will be moving from starting CB to starting S.
This Patriots game is going to be tough.


I feel very good about this game, mainly due to what i saw against the Rams last week. I know very few teams go to Foxboro and win, but I think the Packers can and will. What the Pack DO have, is a very healthy team for this time of year, so they can roll out an almost complete squad.


MM has a tenancy to out do BB in the play calling


A few more hours until game time and I’m not getting a good feeling.


Packers are carrying an extra punter tonight in case J.K. Scott has to leave due to birth of a baby. People were wondering all week. Classy move by the Packers.


J.K. Scott is on the field and warming up


Moments away until kick off


Off sides on the kickoff … Great job special teams…,


MM being dumb calls a screen pass against 4 dbs on 3rd and 14 and goal


Brady has a well oiled machine. Rodgers a v8 running on 6 cylinders .


Whitehead got punched and he pushes back. Then the Patriots 12th man ejects him…


Rodgers fumbles the ball within 2 feet of the first down clearly. The Ref marks it back 3 yards from the spot. I guess the refs were trying to prevent the Packers from going for it on 4th down.


MVS is starting to show up big time


Don’t like blaming the Refs but they really went all the way to ensure the patriots win. Ejecting whitehead for retaliating with a slap to the face mask when he got punched. And 15 yards roughing the kicker and was BS. The patriots offense of line got away with holding the whole entire night. And there was some cheap shots and by some I mean it a lot by the patriots. A dirty team with the refs on their side is hard to beat


Taking a page from Peter King here are some things I think I think.

1.) We absolutely have to upgrade our OL. After Bulaga we have nothing.
2.) Another costly turnover. 2 weeks in a row.
3.) New England had to dig deep into the bag tricks to get going last night.
4.) This defense could be among the best with a more consistent pass rush.
5.) The refs were clueless on both controversial calls that went against us early.
6.) Too many injuries.
7.) Goal line stand was awesome.
8.) Scantling is going to be a star in this league.
9.) We are 1.5 games below .500 (3-4-1)
10.) Rodgers looks dumb in that hat.
11.) I hope Jimmy Johnson says on live TV, “Stick a fork in them”.