2018 Week 8: #GBvsLAR


Drops the crucial catch to Smurfs


Looks like Montgomery gave the Rams single-handedly the game.


From all the comments around here I thought that was McCarthy single handedly losing this game for us. Sarcasm aside, I can’t understand why Monte brought that ball out of the end zone. That was a clear special teams coaching error. With the new rules you don’t bring it out unless it’s a short kick or it’s close to the last play of the game and a return is your last chance. Monte should have been told that before the play started. Better yet, he should have been smart enough to know without being told. It makes me sick.


I see the point of him bringing it out, to kill time until the 2 minute warning which they wold have never got until they ran the first play. He should have went down before the contact.


No. I won’t buy that at all. The 2 minute warning was in our favor. We had no time outs. There was no excuse to bring that ball out of the end zone. Monte was stupid, and his ST coach was also stupid for not telling him what to do before the play happened. A year ago I have no problem with the decision, but we’ve had nearly half a season to adjust to these new rules and this is not acceptable.

Edit: Actually I think we had 1 timeout, but I still feel the same. Even if we had all 3 you don’t take the ball out of the end zone just to get to the 2 minute warning. Monte made a terrible decision and the entire team paid the price for it.


The thing is that if you score and leave 45 seconds on the clock, the Rams have enough fire power to retake the lead. What Montgomery did is the modern day equivalent of 4th and 26.

Now Pettine has laid out the blueprint to beat the Rams, Now all it will take is a competent defense and offense (Play caller) to make it happen. He used the right amount of pressure between the tackles and contain to the outside. Pettine got burnt on pressure from the edge and delayed blitzes. Like I have said to handle the new rules and modern offenses, you have to put pressure to the inside which is the shortest path to the QB.


I understand the concept of leaving too much time on the clock. But that wasn’t an issue here. The entire issue comes down to the new rules for Kicking off. Taking the ball out of the end zone was bad mostly from a field position point of view. It’s tough to get to the 25 or beyond. He was tackled short of the 25 as one would expect, but then to lost he ball was just icing on the cake. If we had won this game on a last second FG I would still be bitching about Monte taking the ball out on that play. It was the absolute wrong choice in that situation. I will say “IMO” out of respect, but truthfully I feel this is the only right answer.

I would say Monte’s decision was more closely related to Bostick’s choice to try and field the onside kick against Seattle. The only difference is that one cost us a trip to the Superbowl. It might seem laughable now, but losing this game on that play might once again cost us that chance. This NFC Playoff race is huge, and this game very well could be the one that keeps us out.


I think the talent today was good on defense. They played well enough to win. I think there were some really head scratching issues on offense. MM continues to decline. His scheme is dependent on him and often confused. He has from the beginning of the season took an eternity to get plays in. As to the safety, it is on MM. Shields stepped on the line MM should have thrown the flag Aikman spotted it why didn’t MM. then that particular play was idiotic.

Rodgers spends way too much time getting hit. This is a veteran Ol. Initially I thought it was a talent issue, but increasingly with Veterans and how well they sometimes play, I think it may be scheme and coaching. Anyway you cut it, you can’t have 12 hit this much.

Finally Montgomery trying to run that out is a huge deal. He is a much different player than they drafted. He is huge, slower now, and his judgement terrible. He has no second gear and is not going to break one. I get it is just one mistake, but this was a game that could have been won.

I think they played so well for 50-54 minutes, but Mike is a block head who had lived on Rodgers and Favre. The best thing that the EC could do is cut him loose and let him prove it elsewhere. I am encouraged by what Pettiness and Gute have done here. I am completely discouraged by MM and his entire Offensive staff.


Montgomery deserves all the criticism for taking the ball out which cost us the game. But he was an emergency RB that was a budding replacement for Cobb. He never got put back in as a WR. He has got bigger and slower, he was never really effective as a RB other than being a patchwork Scat back.


I totally agree with Jeff in every part of this thread. I really like Montgomery but that decision and subsequent fumble may go down as the play that truly wrecked our Season.

We’re coming out of a Bye, we’re healthy, and if we win that particular game our fortunes look much different. The only way you gain anything from bringing that ball is if you return it at least to the 30 yard line. Any other result hurts us more than helps us. Don’t return the ball you get the ball at the 25 with 2:05 left. You basically give Rodgers a free play and the Defense doesn’t know if we’re gonna run or pass. If you make even 5 yards on a running play we have it at the 30 with 2 minutes left and 1 time out needing about 40 yards to kick a winning FG.

There’s at LEAST a 50% shot of the Packers winning that game. Plus even if you don’t win it you feel like you gave yourself every opportunity to win. But now with the way it ended everyone just feels sick and all the high caliber play we exhibited today on defense is for naught.

We almost certainly don’t play as well next week as we did today on Defense next week. Losing that way is so deflating. A win today would have given us a lot of swagger going forward, 4-2-1 and first place in the Division.

It is indeed close to a Bostick decision.


MM deflected several questions about the decision. My translation as the reporters never get tough with him, is their team meetings they stress in this situation kneel, Saturday night walk thru and group meetings and maybe pregame, but I am pretty certain neither MM or Zook told him prior to the kick if it is in the end zone take a knee. They ASSUMED he would and I like Zook going back to his Illinois and Fla days but a detail and execution guy , like MM though he isn’t.

I really believe MM has cowardly thrown Montgomery under the bus. Dumb decision yes but the severity and responsibity needs a straightforward answer from the MM as whether prior to that kick he was told to take a knee if in the end zone. I agree that this is a pivotal play, and we have seen a ton of these in the MM era. If MM let him use his judgement it is time to send MM packing.


Would anyone oppose moving Montgomery back to WR and off from RB and KR?


If you read the article on nfl.com it appears as thought Montgomery was miffed over being pulled during the previous series, showed it by throwing his helmet, was told to stay in the end zone to preserve the 2 minute warning, and brought it out anyway.

If that’s true then it’s all on Montgomery. Blatant insubordination. Could make “him” tradeable.

If not then of course it’s on MM/RZ.


Well maybe we could try trading Montgomery to the Browns… lol


When I read that on ESPN this morning I was saying to myself that if true he should be cut (or traded) on the spot. They have it on record “from another player”, but he was not named. I like Monte, but there has to be consequences for this. Again, if the report is true. If he just had a brain fart and took it out, I would infer more blame on the ST coach for not explicitly telling him to take a knee. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Gute and McCarthy take a few days before making a decision so as to avoid any knee-jerk reactions, but we may still see something happen along those lines.


Apparently multiple players have said Montgomery had a temper tantrum over playing time, being pulled and this was I will show you moment. It can’t just be put on Zook. There appears to be a real issue here…,

But I agree there is a difficult issue here, and Rodgers apparently was very upset.,


i will be leaving to go out of town Friday morning and am hoping someone could get the new thread going for week 9 early, so I can get my picks in and tag me, i didn’t get the thread last week. thanks so much and GO PACK GO


I would assume just post the picks from the games ahead of time.