2018 Week 8: #GBvsLAR


With the Packers being the underdog we shall look to surprise the Rams.


Here’s a critical stat through 7 games Goff has been sacked 13 times and Brady 9. Rodgers can’t continue to be a road kill and this team win… Packers have let Rodgers be sacked 21 times in 6 games…


Most of the sacks came from Rodgers facing inside pressure and forcing him to the outside with a bum knee.


With the Packers sitting at 3-2-1 and repeatedly starting slow there are plenty of reasons for pessimism and i’ve read plenty of pessimistic comments this week. However, there are reasons to be optimistic as well.

The Rams are a good team and have a ton of talent. That said, they have played a very soft schedule so far. The best teams they’ve faced are the Chargers, Vikings and @Seahawks. It’s fair to say the Packers, despite their flaws are going to be one of the better teams they’ve faced so far.

Adding to that, we are coming off a bye week. We are as healthy as we’ve been at any point of the season. Memorial Coliseum should have a massive number of Packer fans in it. McCarthy’s teams traditionally play their best when facing long odds. Oh, and we have this one guy on our team… let’s see, what’s his name? A… Aaron Rodgers!

Our season could go down in flames during the next few weeks. That said, a win here could be the springboard our season needs to get us back in the drivers seat as contenders. Now all we have to do is watch.


Breeland, Alexander, King, and Jackson are supposed to play, which makes me wonder if Williams is moving to Safety, That would fix a lot the defensive issues right there.


I’ve seen this idea floated around a lot. I personally doubt it will happen. Williams doesn’t have experience as a Safety and it’s not a plug and play position. Obviously injuries can force that on you, but playing CB and S are not at all alike, especially terms of angles, responsibilities and communication. Making that change mid-season probably would not generate the kind of impact you hope for. I have no doubt Williams could be successful, but I think the timing is all wrong.

I’m sure some will look at Matthews moving from Outside to Inside LB as a template, but I think that move was much less drastic and naturally a more seamless transition (IMO).


Williams is the most experienced in this defense, if anyone could do it, it would be him. Pettine cross trains his players for multiple positions. Remember Charles Woodson made the switch…


The Packers start out slow and seem to NOT be prepared for game day every week…poor coaching or lack of???

The defense, although slightly improved still has coverage and tackling problems so I don’t see this game being close at all.


This is a a game that Rodgers will have to take the reigns. McCarthy is way to predictable.


We will see how good this team really is in less than two hours


The Packers actually came out of the gate fast…I am shocked.

And Mac is handing the ball to Jones.

That’s one good quarter of good football. Lets see what they got left…


Looks like the interior pressure is effective in the first quarter


So far the interior pressure has been great and contain too.


McCarthy’s dumbass causes a safety. Power run up the middle. We are not a power run team.


With the ball only inches from the goal the call was fine. A holding call in the endzone is a safety and you sure don’t want to run anything slow developing. The Rams made a great play. It happens. My only gripe is things bounced their way 3 times in the final 4 minutes. We played great on all 3 phases of the game for the entire half. Wish we had a bigger lead, but the other guys are getting paid too.


The Defense just went into WTF mode.


The defense is gased. Maybe the heat is getting to them, and they have been on the field a lot. We aren’t covering Gurley as a receiver, and the pass rush is there but not getting home. We can still win this game, but the offense needs to start finding the end zone. 1 TD and 2 FG’s is not good enough.


There’s the TD we needed. Hopefully the defense got a chance to breath and take in some fluids.


Is it just me or is Graham useless.


He has the 2nd most receiving yards on the team. Granted Alison and Cobb missed time, but I would hardly call that “useless”.