2018 Week 6: #49ers @ #Packers #GoPackGo


Can this team rebound after that horrid loss?

Both RTs are out


Who’s Ready for Some Football?


Cobb and Allison are likely out.


ESPN is wondering why their ratings tanked… They are treating this game like it is a home game for the 49ers… and not covering the Packers which it is a home game for…


Scantling shows up for the big catch and run. Then Jones for the big run. I wonder if MM got the message?


On a side note the Defense sucked on the first drive.


Scantling messed up in the flat and went too far down field. A work in progress in the short game.


Just can’t get the call in time for the play clock… ever


Well the defense is playing with a 10 to 15 yard cushion… Yeah it worked so good for Capers that he got ran out of town…


The play calling for the offense has went down hill since the second drive.


The Offense got better when Rodgers started calling the plays in the hurry up. When McCarthy calls the plays Rodgers has little to no time at the line. Thus all the delay of game penalties and wasted timeouts.


Green Bay media is idiotic. I get MM sucks and Pettine’s defense was less than stellar, but how do they fail to realize how well Adams played and that play by King… Yeah there are big problems here with MM the OL and scheme, the safeties and others but Adams and King brought their big boy pants tonight.