2018 Week 5: #Packers @ #Lions #GoPackGo


I guess I will do it. lol

Keep game related discussion in this thread.

It is division week again. Now it is time to test the young WRs against the Lions with the injuries to Cobb and Allison.



Ty Montgomery to play as a WR today against the Lions.


Potentially interesting matchups:
Packers receivers vs CB Darius Slay
Mike Daniels and Kenny Clark vs G Kenny Wiggins (T.J.Lang is out) and C Graham Glasgow.
Kenny King vs Golden Tate
Packers RBs vs the Lions DL


Aaron Jones should be able to slip through some wholes due to his height.


attack of the refs again. It hit 45 for the lions and said Green Bay touched it on the punt.


What I seen out of the drive of the Packers is a couple of time Rodgers is throwing to the further WR and a underneath one tips it (the one he is not throwing to).


Most of the issues is with the new players. Both offense and defense.


They need a first round QB to sit beyond Rodgers for the most of his extension. They need to smarten up the young WRs and to sure up the OL.


Dumpster fire type of year. Crosby even stunk. Rodgers is expecting too much out of the new and young guys. McCarthy is on his last leg. Pettine is still trying to get his players to learn.

Best hope is if Philben takes over and keeps Pettine. Gets a decent OC and maybe offer Favre a position to be QB coach.


MM is the concierge at the CC … He is the enabler’s enabler and too arrogant to make this group account for mistakes, players, coaches, training staff all. I think it is time to pretty much clean house. Send Murphy etal packing. Dumpster fire is right. I still want to know when TT really checked out. They let Heyward and Hyde walk and went hard for Perry, I believe TT checked out in 2015/16 and Murphy, Ball and MM had more hand in these issues than we know. That board had better get a handle on this in a hurry.


Yep. This is where I am. Sure they would have won if Crosby didn’t have perhaps the worst game of any kicker ever.

But the talent level is a joke and the execution is worse.

I have been a McCarthy hater for years though.


The Packers are going to lose if they

Shoot themselves in the foot.

Coaching like idiots.

and Refs spotting the other team 7 points.


St. Brown looked like he knew more than Scantling. Scantling looked more explosive than St. Brown.


I couldn’t agree more. This team lacks discipline, leadership, and accountability which all points to McCarthy.


I would not be opposed to canning McCarthy and inserting Philben. Couldn’t get any worse and he used to be pretty much on the same page as Rodgers.


The slow and undisciplined start has me questioning whether McCarthy is being ‘tuned out’ by the players. I hope not, because it’s the end for him if they have.

It’s worth remembering that the Packers have a habit of turning things around after poor starts though, they’re still the Cardiac Pack !


While they have been resilient in the past, this is different.

First, Rodgers is playing hurt possibly with an ACL. That may be very large.

Second, the defense can’t generate pressure. This is a huge issue.

Third, the OL is really a mess.

Fourth, the team lacks discipline and focus, they have tuned out MM and apparently coaches. There were some huge flags in this team yesterday. The execution was bad and may not get better. The scheme is an absolute mess.

Fifth, MM has increasingly failed to hold people accountable and plays and practices scared.

I think there are tremendous doubts right now in GB but not with Murphy, Q up the Murphy MM is a great coach music. It is early, but there are big problems here and those are likely going to get worse. These next 3 games will say a whole lot about this organization. Buckle up big time, may well get very ugly… It is to a greater extent than most think if I am right in Rodgers not MM or Murphy’s hands…