2018 Week 4: #Bills @ #Packers #GoPackGo


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Will the refs one sided vendetta against Clay Matthews continue? Will the offensive playbook finally be opened up?


Another factor is Wilkerson is done for the season with a broken ankle.

thank you trickyd for correcting the error in the title.


I think Clay has to be extremely careful, because yes, they will be watching him again. And along with that, then the fans will continue to complain that he is not doing his job. I feel he is in a no win situation


The refs are throwing flags at him like he ticked off someone at the NFL HQ.


Unfortunately, I am more and more of the opinion that this just isn’t a very talented team. And with Rodgers on 1 leg I’m not feeling very optimistic.

That said I think the Bills were a fluke last week. I think Green Bay could beat Buffalo at home with Kizer so I’m taking the Pack in this one.


The result might depend on whether the Packers get the good Bills or the bad Bills. Aaron Rodgers had a proper practice this week , so that is good. It’s a home game as well. I think the Packers get out of the starting gate faster this week, and come away with a workmanlike win.


Just a few more hours until we find out!!!


25 minutes before kickoff.

So it looks like no Breeland.


Rodgers is looking better. Missed an offsides and got a play clock penalty


Rodgers to Graham! TD

Missed extra point…


Aaron Jones monster run!


ARod under center, he is looking more like he used to.


A. Jones a small monster tearing up the field, TD!


Am I the only one that thinks Graham is messing with Rodgers throwing?


They flag Martinez after being punched for taking off his helmet … Way to go refs…


The defense looks better with Burks and no names playing instead of House.


So under the new rules it should have been roughing the passer with the hit against Rodgers.


Scantling doesn’t know how to fight for the ball yet. Can’t believe Rodgers went to him on 4th down…


Helmet to helmet … no flag… Allison layed out…


The defense is really stepping up! Clinton-Dix, Gilbert, Whitehead!