2018 Week 3: #Packers @ #Redskins #GoPackGo


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I hope I am able to tune in to this one. Growing up I always rooted for all of the teams in the NFC East that were not the Cowboys. I won’t be rooting for them this week, but I think it will be a solid matchup and a tough road game.

I’m taking the Pack in another close one.


Hoping that it is a Nation Wide game for the Packer Backers out of the viewing area. I know some may find streams on some sites out there.


Here a cool site that shows a TV map for the games every week. The map usually post Wed/thurs the week of.

I think the Pack should have control of this game. Running the ball will be important as it could be pretty rainy in DC today.


The Packers will have an edge on defense. Not perfect as we are lacking at ILB and House is replacing King for this game.


Almost 30 minutes from Kickoff. Excited for another Packer Sunday!!!


What is up with this D? Giving up first downs, they suck right now. The O isn’t any better.


Third PI of the drive, first and goal, then the TD.:rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:


This dumbed down offense and House stinks!


Well Clinton-Dix refuses to tackle but only plays the ball.


This defense needs 3 more DBs and a ILB.


Spriggs in at RT, we are screwed


How the hell was that not Roughing the Passer? He drove Rodgers into the ground face first.


I’m about done with the NFL, roughing the passer??? Seriously!!!


That call on cm3 was B’s again. The other team gets to do that to Rodgers all day, but is only called on Clay again. He is being singled out.


No kidding. The games response to their injury problems is to turn the game over to the refs and punish anyone who complains. I have seldom seen such a ref dominated game from start to finish.


I will not watch any more NFL football until they deal with the BS calls. The refs gave that game to Washington.


Yeah they beat the refs, in the 4th quarter against the Bears
They tied the refs against the Vikings
They lost to the refs against the Redskins.

A team should not be playing an opposing team and the refs.


I get the concern on calls and while the body rule is getting insane, this team has issues.

It is hard to deny they have key communication breakdowns that are well documented. It is hard to deny that besides the issue with pressure, they have back end issue including S problems. It is hard to deny that they are struggling against both the pass and the run on defense. It is hard to deny they weren’t ready to play today.

But what should worry us most is apparently Rodgers has a torn ligament in his knee. Now we don’t which ligament, I initially speculated it probably was most likely his MCL, but given they way he and MM talk about it I gave begun to worry. If they are letting him play with an ACL the organization is complete trash. As it is MM has a white hot mess on his hands and I don’t see how trading for Earl Thomas would change that. It is early and some of the young players should get better, but there are more holes here than we thought.


MM had to be held back from assaulting the Ref who threw the flag on Matthews. Getting emotional is good but allowing for the refs to get in your head is bad. I wonder if Philbin should be calling the plays. The defense needs a leader / DC on the sidelines.