2018 Week 2: Vikings @ Packers (Aaron Rodgers will START)


Discuss week 2 against the Vikings.


Rodgers practiced today. Who knows if they will allow him to go Sunday.


Game Day!

#GoPackGo !!!


Burks is questionable and a game time decision. It would be good to have a ILB…





Rodgers will be the starter today. Boyle is active. Anyone else excited?


Rodgers looks decent but not up to par on the first drive.


The defense looks better. The week point in LB.


The running game is going so far. Rodgers is still a threat to run it, but not a mobile as he was.


JK Scott just boomed an amazing 64 yard punt. WHOA


Half time thoughts.

Aaron looks like a shell of himself out there.

The run game looks better than it has in years.

The routes run look rather pathetic compare to previous years. Graham looks like he has developed hands of stone and lack knowing where he is at.

The defense is doing their best to cover for the lack of ILB.


Unfortunately I can’t see the game today. But I saw that Graham TD wiped out on Redzone. That looked like a terrible holding call from the one angle they showed it.

I look forward to seeing a thorough replay of this one.


Yeah, it wasn’t holding or the Vikings have been doing it on every play exactly the same and have been holding the whole game.


Two terrible calls by the refs may decide this one. That call on Matthews was absolutely atrocious.


The refs had money on this one, the way the game was called was to have the Packers lose and the Vikings win. I hope they lost their money when the Kicker missed and ended in a tie.


The PACKER 2ndary is less than stellar. They don’t cover , They wait to see where the ball carrier is going & THEN they attempt to tackle. If the 2ndary doesn’t suddenly improve this season will be a wash. Pettine 2ndary coach isn’t getting his job done. One more thought…I’m more than ready to see MM replaced.


Studs: Pretty much the whole defense. Alexander in particular.
Adams, Montgomery.

Duds: It’s hard to say the whole offense. They made some good plays and some and some not so good plays.
I would include Matthews for his roughing the passer play but we got one going for us earlier in the game.

I think the officiating was a dud.

Honestly I’m not sure what to think after this game. We didn’t lose, but we didn’t win either.