2018 week 14 #Packers vs #Cardinals


Well it looks like McCarthy finally lost his team. The Packers still have a snowballs chance in HELL To make the playoffs. But there still a chance.


Care to explain in what ways McCarthy has “lost his team”? I mean we have a losing record and an ultra-competitive QB who is unhappy with pretty much everything. But to say the coach lost the team… I’m not buying. Lost some fans maybe, but not the team.


Aaron Rodgers is not responding to him nor is the whole offense with his stale play calling and time management. The defense is doing good for being in repair mode but not enough to make up for McCarthy.


There is interesting article up on SI. Has plenty bad to say AR and MM. It kind of dovetails with Silverstein and Pete. They claim at SI they have sources. Who knows, one thing we know it comes down to winning.

Arizona is a real mess so the pressure is probably off for a week, and yet 2 more go on injured reserve. I think it is a huge mistake for Ball and MM to report to Murphy. Gute should be given full powers of he should pull and MM and threaten to quit…


If MM loses today, I think the hatchets will be out.


Kumerow is active!!!

King is down again, he was our best CB last year. But his shoulder issues is why he didn’t get drafted early in the first round.


WTF MM calls a run up the middle on 3rd and 10


Just seems like this offenses steal it should be 14 to 7


With this banged up O-line, there are no easy games. It’s hurting both the run and pass.


Rodgers has been really off with his throws since the surgery


I believe his issues have more to do with him not being comfortable with the blocking. The really bad misses that i’ve seen came right after being sacked multiple times. I’ve also observed him take his eyes off of routes in order to see who’s coming at him, something I don’t ever recall seeing prior this year.


I really don’t think it is the protection. He had no pressure and he was really off.


Wow, 4-7-1. One of the worst things you can ever hear from MM is we had a great week of practice, it almost always precedes a flat and bad loss.

Wow, just wow, I guess they can beat the Jets, but not even sure there. At a minimum Tomorrow Murphy should hand Gute the complete GM job or the EC should show Murphy the door even assuming Rodgers is part or most of the problem, I can rattle off well over 100M reasons Rodgers can’t go and MM must. Further there has to be a single hand and this structure is an issue.

Just wow…