2018 Week 11: #GBvsMin #Packers #GoPackGo


To me it was basically an emergency to replace Ted Thompson as he was allegedly deteriorating mentally. Gute was the best qualified for the position but wanted to make his own mark. Murphy wanted to keep what was working intact thus leading to this. The wheels have fallen off. They need a coach to reign Rodgers back in and a QB coach that he will respect.


Yeah pretty sad with Ted, really feel bad for him, he is not all that old , but it was obvious the last 3 years. Murphy tried to interview Schneider, RM and Eric Decosta and they turned him down.

All in all, Gute has done a good job. He was handed a difficult decision and Murphy’s structure hasn’t made it any easier. Clearly, I would far rather see a full GM even if it meant another year for MM. This thing has a lot of moving parts, and while I think Rodgers is a great QB, there are some significant indications he isn’t on the same page as the offensive staff and MN.

If Gute can’t be given authority to make the decision on the coach, why would they want him? I like his draft and some of his in season cuts even more. In my view he has earned complete powers, even if it means MM gets the last year of his contract.


And I do think some of Rodgers on field gesturing and behavior is not a credit to him. There have been a couple of times the camera has caught some of his pouting and gesturing.

While he may well be hurt and QBs in the NFL are pampered, if they want to lead they have a higher responsibility than what I saw for a moment after the 4th down and inches debacle in Minny.


I think that Murphy liked Gutes ability to spot talent, but realized that Gute would want his own coaches as Gute probably pointed out the issue in the past with McCarthy. Murphy wanted to keep the proven winning track record coach.