2018 Week 11: #GBvsMin #Packers #GoPackGo


3rd and 8, Bakhtiari goes out of the game we take a delay of game penalty. 3rd and 13, Rodgers sacked and there was no chance. This is about as ugly as it gets.


This is the end of MM era in GB. What a white hot mess, they struggle dramatically to get plays in. And MM continues to struggle with decisions, and fixate on the big play. The Ol continues to disintegrate and again it is obvious Spriggs is a bust. Most importantly sure looks like MM and Rodgers have bad chemistry right now…


Clay Matthews charges hard inside, loses contain, Cousins rolls out with noone to cover him. Vikings get the Packers in a bad spot and take advantage. 24-14 Vikings. 4th quarter coming up.


This McCarthy / Rodgers chemistry issue is only in minds of fans. The 2 might not like each other much right now, but they are professionals and both are able to do their jobs. Like I said, the plays are there. We are not winning the matchups. The Vikings front 7 is dominating our O-line, WR’s other than Adams are not getting open and Rodgers is not playing at his best.


We have 2 issues going on here. The Vikings are daring us to throw the ball by jamming the WR’s, stacking the box, stopping the run and forcing Rodgers to hold the ball. The WR’s aren’t getting open fast enough, the OL is not able to create a pocket and Rodgers has nowhere to go with the ball. Basically the Vikings are the better team.


Rodgers is very unhappy right now, that isn’t imaginary. The Oline is getting an old fashioned ass whopping in Pass Blocking. I don’t know if the plays are there, we’ll never know as Cobb is in the training room and Allison has missed an opportunity. We’ll see but this pretty ugly. Like the effort on defense and special teams though.


Pretty much right I would only add Zimmer is clearly the better HC…


Of course you would, your disdain for McCarthy has been well documented. All I can say is when you have the better team it’s easy to be the better coach.


OMG… Tramon Williams lets the ball land 1 foot in front of him and it hits him in the helmet and our only chance (small as it was) to get back in this game just went down the tubes. That was a terrible mistake by a veteran player. Unbelievable.


Better talent is always a big help, but timeout and basic getting timely calls isn’t a talent issue. For the record I don’t have disdain for MM anymore than critics of Rodgers have disdain for him.

My view is simple, this is what occurs when someone stats in a place too long, and 13 years for a HC is too long.

And I do agree there are some talent issues. They need to get better at getting young players ready to go, and probably need a very good draft and to get a couple of very high quality free agents. They definitely need help at receiver, TE and Ol. They really need S help too.


Looks like Xavier Rhodes will be out for a while. He can’t even bend his Hammy. Boohoo, our secondary outside of Williams has nobody with more than 10 starts.


Rodgers hurries another pass into the dirt.


Overthrows Adams for a TD


With the new rules the game is all but over. Onside kicks are almost impossible without some crazy bounce and more luck than we have had in many years.


The metrics say Packers have 3% chance of a WC practically speaking this season is over. Another injury marred season. Cobb and Allison on offense are a big disappointment, but King who has immense talent, is a major concern. King just isn’t available, and it doesn’t matter what a player ceiling is if he isn’t available.

I am not as critical of young receivers, the Packers have struggled even with Nelson and Jordy to get them productive early, Jennings being a notable exception.


The defense did what it could while missing so many players. They gave up a lot of yards, but kept us in the game until the end.

The Special Teams outside of the coverage units were not good. They had another late game turnover, failed to pin the Vikings deep on 2 punts inside the 5 and they gave up a big return.

The offense, I don’t even know where to start. For quite a few years we had an O-line that gave Rodgers all day to pick defenses apart. When they countered by dropping guys into coverage we would sneak in some runs. Now, we don’t have that kind of blocking and our receivers can’t get open. To make matters worse the Vikings have a good front 7 and we lost our best pass blocker in the 4th quarter.

I imagine we will be starting over next year with a new HC, but that won’t solve the issues that cost us all these road losses. I just hope it doesn’t set us back too much. Rodgers will have to learn a new offense for the first time in his professional career, along with the rest of the offense. We may lose Pettine, who I think has done a great job with the players we have. And if the new HC doesn’t tickle Rodgers ego will we be subjected to another year of staring glances and blank expressions and sulking body language? You don’t think the team sees that crap? It’s time for Rodgers to earn that contract on future play, rather than on past success. His attitude has to change, and it’s time for him to remember what his position is. QB… not OC, not HC,

As for the argumen that we need to make a change just because McCarthy has been here so many years I say look at the Patriots, the Chiefs, the Saints, the Steelers, even the Bengals. These long tenured coaches are debunking that theory. The Bengals are struggling now after some injuries, but they are a good team and well coached. On the other hand you have the Eagles who won a Superbowl in Doug Peterson’s 2nd season, but now they are likely to miss the Playoffs the following year. The Rams have young coach, but they also have acquired a super roster. When they have to pay the QB and some of these contracts reach maturity we’ll find out just how good that coach is. They have maybe 2 more years if they are lucky. I expected us to be better this year, but all along I thought we were going to need another season or even 2 to get this roster back up to par. I think we can be very good with just a few off-season changes, but with a new coaching staff I take all my chips off the table. It becomes a crap-shoot and i’m skeptical it results in a quick turnaround.


This situation reminds me of both 99 and 05.

Yes changing coaches doesn’t solve everything and this could easily disintegrate like SF after all the years. Reid made some significant changes after leaving Philly. He actually changed his offense and has more juice and motion in it. Generally he is doing well with his assistants. BB is an anomaly and one of a kind.

In MM’s case this might be a great move, he will get out from under the whole Favre Rodgers thing, maybe Cleveland hires him. But of course, a lot has to happen for the Packers to continue to win. I like the nononsense approach of Gute. Some of his action on Veterans may well prove down the road very positive.


The thing is That Gute doesn’t have control of the HC position. Murphy does.


Great point. I think this structure is a huge part of the problem. Give Gute full GM authority and much of the CC atmosphere will end. We don’t know that he will make a change, but whole process and vision should be on his shoulders,


Great very well stated piece up by Silverstein on this. I actually agree with the entire piece, even though MM might remain through his contract by giving Gute full authority. Silverstein has some info as to sources as to why Gute wasn’t given full authority and lays all of it out well on GBPG.

Murphy making this decision as Silverstein explains would be a huge mistake. Jed Hughes doesn’t need to be involved and if Murphy doesn’t trust Gute he shouldn’t have hired him…