2018 Week 11: #GBvsMin #Packers #GoPackGo


Keep all discussion here in regards to the game.

Will Rodgers turn things around. Will McCarthy be on the wrong end of the plank. Will the Packers be scouting the Vikings staff for potential coaches?


is there a thread for our picks this week


Well before the traditional play calling complaints or forecasts begin i’d like to share a comment from Mike Spofford: " One thing I’ve learned and unequivocally believe is this – if more fans watched the all-22, there’d be infinitely less moaning and complaining about play-calling. The film always shows how a play should have worked and why it broke down, no matter the call.

Leroy Butler and Tom Silverstein help demonstrate this fact in “X’s and O’s” https://www.packersnews.com/media/cinematic/video/2071638002/xs-and-os-with-leroy-butler-112018/


I may or may not be on Sunday as I will be coming back from Green Bay Sunday. I was wondering if anyone would give their occasional thoughts to the game.

Jeff, I really do think that not everything falls on Mike McCarthy’s shoulders. Rodgers has made some boneheaded mistakes too. But the Packers have not managed the game very well. Late getting the calls in and using the timeouts too early which has cost the Packers. I’m not a fan of the current QB coach as the corrections are not being made as it appears that Rodgers out ranks him within the coaching staff.


Packers get the early 7-0 lead on a nice perfectky timed back shoulder throw to Adams. Defense forced 2 punts and had a pair of run stuffs.


Tie game. Defense was nowhere to be seen on that drive. We are really missing Kevin King right now. Brice is limping off the field. Looks like we may be stuck with Jackson playing outside. We have 2 rookies manned up against Diggs and Theilen. Injuries are sadly holding us back on that side of the ball.


Defense is beyond thin on the back end With the injury to Bryce


14-7 Packers early 2nd quarter. Nice pitch to the outside and great blocking. Offense looks very methodical. Moving the ball well, good balance of run and pass. We need to keep the pressure on Minnesota’s offense and hope for a turnover. Defense just tipped a pass that was still caught by Minnesota, those are the kind of breaks that just aren’t going our way at all this year.


Tramon Williams gets tripped up and gives up the TD to Diggs. Tie game.


Offense goes 3 and out. Had a near big play to Graham, but the ball went off his fingertips. Rodgers was taken down at the LoS on 3rd down. There was an open receiver in the flat, but there was no time to get the pass off.


Packers can’t stall out on offense and win this game just like they did.


Defense got burned on a deep pass that should never have been thrown. It was covered perfectly yet still caught. Good news is we hold them to a FG attemp and they missed it. Packers ball still tied up. That was a nice break for the good guys!


We’ll see if the offense can turn it back up this time around. It is a golden opportunity with in his field goal.


Stalled out again. At least it was a good punt.


Packers get to about the Vikings 40 but are forced to Punt. There was a PI but Rodgers sailed the ball and they didn’t call it because it was un-catchable. We could have tried converting on 4th, but it was a 50/50 call and we are in a tie game. Can’t fault the decision.


These Vikings receivers are really making things tough. Our defense is in position, but they are making the tough catches. Cousins needs to donate some of his guaranteed salary to those guys for making him look good. Alexander just got torched. by Theilen.


Vikings get a false start and miss the FG badly as time expires. Going into the half all tied up, Packers get the ball first after the break.


Packers dodged another bullet on that one with that missed field-goal again.


Tramon Williams with a nice Punt return, but he took a hell of a hit at the end.


Packers don’t convert on 4th and inches, Vikings take advantage of the short field to score the go ahead FG. Defense held up pretty well all things considered. At some point our offense has to help out this depleted defense. Every drive something goes wrong. An off target pass, WR’s not open on 3rd down, OL gives up pressure at critical moments. We need points on this drive.