2018 Week 10: #GBvsSea #Packers #GoPackGo


I disagree on both issues. His accuracy is entirely an issue of timing and bad mechanics. He’s so reliant on his arm that he rarely sets his feet, and he has been looking at the pass rush this year more than others. The knee was problematic early in the season, and he still can’t run like he used to, but maybe that means he should throw the check down more often rather than hold the ball for 5+ seconds hoping to hit a big play.


I am not sure. Some of his outs and short quick throws, while you correctly identify as mechanical, also could be a leg issue.

Some of the low throws require a long look. As to his holding the ball looking for the perfect throw has been there from the beginning. I actually think for the most part he has been better this year, but has been stung as has all the organization by the inability of Cobb and Allison to play. Cobb is a huge disappointment, would have been money ahead to have moved on from Cobb to a fa like Robinson, hey they tried. I think in the off-season they have to add a weapon / receiver and OL. While we don’t know with perfect vision, is a hell of a lot easier to replace MM than to fight a 130 M Qb. But let me be clear, I absolutely believe Rodgers is a great QB playing with a significant knee injury.


He did an interview about not setting his feet awhile back. He stated that he picked it up from Favre because it prevents leg injuries.