2018 Week 10: #GBvsSea #Packers #GoPackGo


Time for the seahawks, Keep discussion here.



Very tough place to play. I would expect them to use some hurry up…


According to MM, they have the best sound system in the NFL.


Yeah it is loud as opposition you have to use a lot of silent counts


Yes it’s like the old metro dome


Very difficult place to win at playing in Seattle.

The O-line needs to put in a strong performance tonight along with
the defense slowing down Russell who is having a great year.


Sounds like they are pumping in crowd noise


Offense looks closer to what it used to. Rookie wrs are holding back the offense still


Defense will need to make adjustments at halftime


Dumb mistakes are killing the Packers even if they are winning


4th quarter 21-20 lead and the Packer have a chance to take this one!

More TD passes from Rogers will do it.


Clock management and stupidity on the play calling cost us the game. Pretty much called it


MM is a first class mess. I know he had only 1 time out, but to have the time to see that pass hit the ground like that and then even MP at fox say it would be overturned, how insane not to throw the flag. There is a real problem here and it all starts with MM. They have plenty of needs and issues, but after 12 plus years of MM and so many times him scapegoating others, this mess culminating in that play is on him.


I would say Rodgers final pass which should have been an easy completion was what ultimately cost us the game. Once again, we played well enough to win only to let it slip away in the end. Play calling was fine. Would have liked more runs, but Seattle was stopping the run pretty well. 3rd down was awful. WR’s other than Adams were not winning their matchups.


It’s possible McCarthy didn’t get clear enough direction from upstairs to make that challenge. As it was the TV replay was really late showing us the angle that showed the ball come out.


MM’s constantly burns up his TO’s for 5 yard infractions. When the team really needs them they have none. Winning coaches keep TO’s until its necessary to use them. Its obvious to me that AR wouldn’t mind it MM got employed elsewhere.


Murphy has set up an untenable situation. He is not competent to be the GM, either turn over the position to Gute or fire him. I think Gute should be the guy. I really believe MM has lost Rodgers and this team. His offense is a complete mess as is his entire approach.

I am not afraid of change, but unless Rodgers speaks up, and to some extent, Murphy will add at least another year 2020 to MM’s contract. MM has over complicated his offense and he puts it all on players not himself. One more thing, my view of his receivers coach is he needs to be fired.


Change can be good, but it’s also a gamble and one that could set your franchise back by years if you get it wrong. The last thing we need is a revolving door for the latter part of Rodgers career. The thing is stability in this league is often rewarded also. Look at New Orleans. How Sean Payton kept his job after missing the playoffs so many times is surprising to me and yet here they are looking like the best team in the league after 9 games. Last year we lost Rodgers and missed the Playoffs and it alerted everyone to just how little depth we had on the roster. Our last few drafts were abysmal and we now have a new GM who is off to a great start.

Did McCarthy forget how to coach? Our team is talented and capable of beating anyone, but we don’t have a dominant roster that allows us to just impose our will on teams. To this point we’ve been bad in key areas. Third down and Red Zone being chief among them. We have improved since the bye week, but not enough to beat good teams on the road. The thing is, look at the Eagles and the Vikings. Did Doug Peterson and Mike Zimmer forget how to coach? Why are those teams just 1 game ahead or 1/2 game behind us in the standings? Are we judging those guys differently than our own HC?

I am also disappointed in this season. I never expected us to be a true superbowl contender just yet, but I did think we might go deep in the Playoffs. That said, I think McCarthy and Rodgers can work through the issues and hopefully Gutekunst has another solid draft (2 first round picks is exciting). And I believe we are right back in the race again by next season. I would say if next year we don’t make the jump we expect or the same issues continue to plague us then we make a change. In the mean time I will remember that the last time this team had Rodgers for thew whole season we finished the year by winning 8 games including the Playoffs, but our injury depleted team came just short of going to the Superbowl.


Like you I never thought this team was a SB contender. I thought honestly this would take a couple of years.

What I didn’t expect was this whole Rodgers affair. I actually am increasingly convinced he is playing with a torn ACL he has torn it before. I also didn’t expect the toxic relationship with MM, he said somethings last year, but now it seems more toxic. He has some things obviously stuck in his crawl like MM firing him QB coach. To a large extent, it just a lot of sniping with media stories until one of them says something publicly. I am a big say Sh t with a mouthful guy. If Rodgers has an issue with MM and his QB coach as it appears he should step forward. He won’t though because he is protective of his image. Just like Favre in the end, you either speak up or take what you get.

In this situation, you get Murphy playing Jerry Jones. Rodgers has no one to blame if he ends up married to MM for his career. MM peak was 2014, MM more than TT ever completely blew a SB trip. MM chokes when it counts, is stuck in his own sloppy approach and has run his course. Aaron wants to talk about galvanizing moments. That is the one, the sheet lunacy of him choking should have sent him elsewhere. For MM, the Packers, all involved after Sunday in Minny he should announce he will leave, but he won’t and he will be back next year if not longer.

I get your concern about risk of change, but your living with it now, since 2014 you have lived with. Embrace it , manage it and accept it. Get rid of MM and believe in better. I am a Wolf guy, you are only there until I can find better…they can find better and if they don’t believe that, house cleaning is in order. Better to make a change too early than 4 years too late.


I think that the surgery messed up his throwing motion. His accuracy has been shaky since. It’s clear that he’s playing with a messed up knee. He maybe one of the best QBs in history, he cannot be like Favre as it comes to injuries nor should he.