2018 Week 10: #GBvsMIA #Packers


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Pretty much a must win, as a loss here torpedoes the chance of hitting the playoffs.

Eight games (of regular season) to go and the Pack probably needs a 10-6 record to get in. That means they have to go 7-1 down the stretch. They have gone on late-season runs before, but though I don’t think they can do it this year, I have to hope they can. They seem to have lost their cohesiveness, mojo, call it what you will, on the offense this year.


I see the Packers winning half the remaining games.

They just don’t play with fire in their belly. Mac rarely has the team prepared to play
football. Really disappointing performances this season.


Half the changes happened last year, it will take a losing season with Rodgers to force the other.


If they lose this game, the season is over


Cobb is inactive
King is inactive


Offense is stalling. Perry down again


Same tendency of the offense sputtering out…


The back up olb’s are more productive then the starters.


This win was on the defense, the score may not show it. All those field goals could have easily been touchdowns. The offense just sputtered out.


St. Brown played with fire but got a penalt for it. Biggest hit I have ever seen a Wr lay on anyone.


I cannot remember when the Packers played with real fire in the belly.

They used to be (for a long time) a pretty fair, and disciplined team, rather than an emotional one. To be honest, I liked that kind of play-style, it is professional and doesn’t give away stupid penalties. The Pack seem to have drifted away from that a bit, recently.


Interesting game. Gute has made some good decisions. I think type young talent is working, King is talented, but his frame continues to be an issue as he struggles to stay on the field.

I didn’t think ST played well in general, but there has been a lot of change there. The offense continues to be an enigma, and very sluggish.

The defense does better against inexperienced and not strong QBs, but struggling against, top QB’s. It will telling how they play in Seattle and then the Viking both of whom have quality QB’s…