2018 Week 1: Bears @ Packers


Well that went okay in the second half. If they would have called plays like this in the first half, the packers would be winning and Rodgers wouldn’t have got hurt.


This defense plays with 0 passion.


That’s not what I saw. The Bears knew where we were vulnerable and they attacked us. I thought as the game went on we started to see some plays being made. We played heavy on Dime. If we can get some LB’s ready to play we might see more base and nickle which should cut the run lanes down. We are thin in certain areas’s, O-line and LB for the most part. It is what it is.


Most of the game the defense played with no passion until the 4th quarter.

Rodgers came out and he had the same look as Favre used to get and went full Michael Jordan.


What a game. Went from thinking the season was over in the first half to being in disbelief watching one of the GOATs do his thing in the second. WRs looked good. Cobb was solid the whole game which was great to see. TEs were a no show. OLine stunk. Mack was an absolute beast with no off season. The bears could be a force. The D was just meh. DBs look improved but the linebackers are still lacking. I still want Mack haha.

Hopefully Rodgers stays healthy though. Should be a fun year.

edit. And the Fuller drop made me feel better about missing out on Mack.


First half they played very poorly, MM didn’t have them ready. Second half completely different team MM adjusted.

Was upset with the DBs early, but they got better as game went on. Matthews is just a body right now, looks done. Rodgers had a great half. Now it all rides on his knee. I assume it isnt an ACL would have been ludicrous to let him go out, but the medical people saying he couldn’t hurt it by playing suggests a meniscus or MCL tear or sprain, but the he couldn’t hurt it any more is troubling…


1st Rodgers = AWESOME!!! Cobb,Allison & Adams had a good game. Running game absent,dive play off center died every time the PACKERS tried it.Agree Matthews game is gone, he almost was the “goat” in a possible loss for the late hit on the Bears QB. OL never started blocking til’ the 2nd half. Didn’t see much from the PACKER TEs. The PACKER QB coach better start putting more time in with Boyle appears back up QB NRFPT.


Hail to Daily Grind greast to see your post !!! Games like this one adds wrinkles to old coot like me!!!


Studs: Aaron Amazing Rodgers. Made some unbelievable throws.
Allison. I take back everything I was thinking about him. Fantastic.
Cobb. I’m almost speechless on that play and TD. Catch and run for 75 yards for a TD…couldn’t stop jumping up and down.

Duds: Both sides of the ball in the 1st half.
Clay. Get your head out of your @$$ Matthews. Totally could have missed Tribisky.

The OL protected Aaron when it mattered most.

The Defense came to life in the 2nd half. But the DL really needs some work. Nice to see some new defensive looks.

Great game. Reminded me that it’s never over until it’s over.


Anyone else notice that Rodgers developed a southern draw in his on field post game interview?


I think that it had to do with the formation that kept the Bears defense at bay. Under center they were having a field day with the scripted plays. When Rodgers came back, he told them pistol and they barely got anything on him.

Matthews wanted to show that he is still there, but by the rules now days that isn’t allowed.

The defense was playing to hide the deficiency at ILB. So they played way more DBs. The defense will look different once they add depth there or Burks comes back.