2018 Week 1: Bears @ Packers


Thanks FOX
I wish we could have seen Jones and Burks in action tonight but look forward to seeing their " Replacements" about as much! :grin:


You are welcome. The Packers are going with 3 safeties. So hopefully no injuries there. :crossed_fingers:


10 more minutes until game time!


Rodgers looks really off. Williams is looking pretty good.


That was way too easy for the Bears on their first offensive drive. Starting to rethink that Capers thing…


Bad start but its early


Agree, But thinking that both first rounders next year need to be OL.


I see a few “holes” need filling also. :wink:



Yep that will need to be fixed.


I thought we might start slow tonight, but I didn’t expect this. We need to get our quick passing game going. The O-Line isn’t going to be able to buy that much time on every play. 2 holding calls already, and a sack / fumble.


Great Punt !!:grinning:


Rodgers looking like a Rookie out there too.


Whats this “little Jimmy Graham” stuff about?


Rodgers down with an ankle. It looks like it might be over…


Seasons Over !

He did look a little better before the commercial.


:wink: Matthews sighting !


Well maybe it is time to draft Aaron’s replacement… IDK…


I hope he cashed that check already. :grin:


If Rodgers is out for the season, I guess we would be getting a top 5 to 10 pick.


Looks like Rodgers got a small brace on. But he looked better but still has a slight limp.