2018 Week 1: Bears @ Packers


Discuss the season opener here.

I think the Packers got this one.


Been looking forward to this one for a while.

I have some concerns about Mack, but he won’t have the playbook down yet, so I think the OL can handle him.

Really hoping to see some sacks and at least 2 interceptions.

Would love to see a long bomb go for a TD.


I really don’t think that Mack is any better than any of the Vikings at that position.


Plus Mack has not practiced all pre-season. No shells. No Pads. New Playbook and lack of team chemistry.


It is about time the Bears gave the Packers a good game. They’ve been down a long time in recent years, not as long as the post Lombardi Packers were, but long enough that all the intensity of a good, evenly matched contest, has long since faded.


Season officially kicks off tonight. We have to wait until Sunday night. Good to have the NFL back. I really don’t expect much out of the bears with the coaching changes and an addition of Mack who hasn’t practiced outside of this week.


It looks like Josh Jones is out for the game.


“Josh Jones out”
Not a great loss, Foxy, at the moment. I do hope this is the season he starts to get it together, He was a second round pick in 2017, so I’m hoping for a performance jump in his second year.

I suspect he is not the fastest learner, but he has all the athletic talent you could wish for and has the potential to be very good.


I am interested to get a sense of who the Bears are going to be under Nagy. Ryan Pace has certainly pushed all of his chips to the center by dealing for Mack. They may not be firing on all cylinders week one, but we should get a sense of whether or not they are a team that can make a jump in 2018.

For Green Bay I am most interested to see what the defense is going to look like with Pettine. Talent-wise there isn’t much reason to expect a big jump so hopefully scheme will be enough.


He is the Hybrid S/LB that they want. With the new defensive coordinator using the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) Method, Jones should be better automatically, Swizz.


I would assume that it would be similar to what you seen from Capers, except simplified concepts and adjustments actually being made.


It’s game day. Who got game predictions?

#Packers 31 #Bears 14


I think it might be a little sloppier than that. I’ll go with something weird. 23-16 Pack


Usually the first couple of games are slightly sloppy. But this is the big rivalry game which they have been game planning weeks for. I would say that the defense may start off slower than the offense as it is simple but still new to the players.


Go Pack GO!!!

Hey Guys ! I finally got in !

I think we beat the bears and fall in love with our new tight ends.


Good to see you back!

I too think that our TE’s are going to have a field day.

On a side note, the Vikings look okay but not as good as last year. If the 49ers had a slightly better QB, they would be up majorly instead of slightly behind.


Thanks Fox
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It looks like the Saints are off to a good start when it comes to draft position for the Packers.

The Browns end there losing streak but have yet to start winning as they tied the Steelers.

Just a few more hours and the Packers will get their turn to show what they have.


Not Playing Tonight.

  • J’Mon Moore
  • Trevor Davis
  • Tim Boyle
  • Alex Light
  • Josh Jones
  • Raven Greene
  • Oren Burks

About an hour away for some real Packer Football!