2018 #Packers vs #Lions round 2 (The end of one sad season)


Please keep the discussion here about the game


Last game until August 2019. Lets enjoy this one win or lose.


Adams is out so Sharpe’s Record will remain intact


Defense started good. The offensive line just couldn’t hold up for Rogers causing a third and 22. Then the wind caught the punt


Why did the Lions punt from the Packers 35?


I’m following the game online in the Canary Islands, so no TV coverage.


Rodgers was staring down the first down and decided not throw the ball waited like three seconds with the wide open wide receiver that he was looking at the whole time . Thank it’s pressured and throws the ball away on third down.


Wind conditions are really bad


Lions are taking a advantage of The Packers having rookies third fourth and practice squad players on defense


I wonder if Rodgers has a bit of a head injury from the first drive . His processing time is not normal for him.


After playing a few drives after being hit in the head and having his helmet tore off (no flags either), Rogers has been brought back to the locker room to undergo the concussion protocol.


Who allowed for the drunk Lions announcer to call the game in the announcers booth for a home Packers game?


The lions are picking on Antonio Brown nearly every pass play.