2018 #Packers vs #Falcons


Please keep all game discussion in this thread.


Philbin’s first game as acting HC. Can he turn around McCarthy’s dumpster fire which has all the talent to be a playoff team?


I’m not sure we have that talent right now. I think our injuries have gone past the threshold, particularly at DB, OL, and also Mike Daniels. I think the most intriguing thing will be seeing what Philbin’s playcalling looks like and how well we execute on that side of the ball.


We are no worse than last year with the defense (probably better even with no name DBs). If Philbin can resurrect the offense which has more talent on it than the previous year, it will go a long ways.


Game day and I really don’t have a good feeling about this one. The rookie wide receiver’s tendon have way too many drops and the Packers will need to outscore the Falcons today


These refs stink. Can’t even get one review right.


Philbin is calling the offense right and is making McCarthy look like he was trying to be fired. They young wrs are starting to look a lot better


This refs must have graduated from the prestigious university of the blind.


I’m a little surprised we didn’t see a run on that possession. We have a big lead. Even if it’s predictable it’s better to run some clock than go 3 and out with 1 short completion.


Philbin has some of McCarthy bad play calls. Not as much