2018 #Packers vs Bears game 2


It is time to head to the spaceship toilet bowl in Chicago.


I feel surprisingly optimistic about beating the Bears. It shouldn’t happen this year and of course my optimism means absolutely nothing. That said, my biggest concern is our banged up O-line vs. the Bears stout D-line. Defensively, I think we can keep the Bears to a modest score, but will we be able to convert 3rd downs and avoid drive killing sacks? My prediction is Packers 23, Bears 20.


It’s bears week:


The Bears still suck. Time to flush the toilet.


Upon requested review from the booth, the Bears still suck.


Bulaga is ruled out for the game.


Packers need to get out to a fast start


Bears looking mortal but Packers are lacking fundamentals on defense


Well, with that disappointing end to the first half I think any dream of the Packers salvaging this season is now officially over. There is still time to come back and win this game, but this team just isn’t very good. We are 0-6 on the road (so far). Injuries are once again part of the problem, but with all of the questions facing this team I think it’s fair to wonder how much better we can or will be next year. This may take some time to get fixed and they absolutely have to get the coaching hire right the first time to avoid a prolonged period of missing the Playoffs. If that job becomes a revolving door because we make the wrong choices then say goodbye to everything we’ve taken for granted all these years.


Terrible offensive series there. The Defense just got off the field after a long drive by recovering a fumble (unforced) and the offense goes pass, pass, pass with a sack and 2 incompletions.


Apparently they learned nothing from that. Bears score a go ahead TD following that series and the Packers take another sack on the opening play of it’s next possession. I realize the O-line is a mess, but this is almost inexcusable. This is not what I call situational football. It’s like we are letting a bingo machine call the plays.


Our last 6 offensive plays include 2 sacks on 1st down and 4 incompletions.


And of course 2 really bad Special Teams plays to add insult to injury.


Rodgers and Philbin pretty much played right into the Bears hand. I think you could even hear them say “thank you”.


And of course now we come to the “can we just hurry up and get this thing over with” phase.

Seeing as how Rodgers has a little bit of a groin issue, we need to sit him out and give Kizer a couple of starts. He’s had a year to make improvements. Let’s take a couple of games to see if he’s made any progress.

Jeff is right. We simply must get the HC hire right the very first time. We can’t waste a year on a Ray Rhodes season. We don’t need to go into the Off-Season saying, "ok let’s get what we need to reach the Super Bowl in 2019. Use the 10 draft picks and $40 million plus cap space to get a 4th of the right types of skill sets the new guy wants, and move out the 4th that are most misfit for what he wants to do. Then put together a season that shows we are clearly better, younger, more clearly directed towards what we want long term than we were in 2017 and 2018.


We are entering the phase where Rodgers has limited years and perhaps drafting the heir apparent in the next couple of years to sit behind him.


Nah. I don’t think so. He just turned 35 this month. That won’t happen until at least 2022. In that Draft Rodgers would still be younger than Brees and Brady will be during the 2019 draft. I wager neither the Saints nor the Patriots draft a QB in the 1st round this year. In fact I KNOW the Saints won’t because we have their pick.

Plus, you can’t say that any team is drafting a franchise QB or at least the projected replacement for a Franchise QB if they don’t draft one in the 1st round.

Rodgers is signed through 2023. I don’t think drafting his replacement is part of anybody’s draft strategy any time soon. He literally just signed a new long term contract a mere 4 months ago.


The Packers need to get better on the OL, I really do like Bulaga, but he is a very good tackle who is coming to the end if not there.

They need help on the dline and pass rushers. They need to rebuild their S position and Jones appears to be turning the corner maybe. They need another pass catching weapon. And most of all they need to look at strength and conditioning.

If you have a great QB developer you don’t over draft a QB to sit for 4 years. I get it, people are shook by this season, but you shut it down for Rodgers, burn the tape, get a great QB mind for a HC and get aggressive. I agree with your assessment. And I think expectations were too high the Packers blew a lot of picks 2012-2017 and kept some of their own they should have let go, and let go some they shouldn’t have. Gute may fail, after 27 years of winning this is no easy thing. I am very impressed with what he is doing, albeit while still harboring concerns over Murphy and Ball.


Wasn’t Rodgers drafted when Favre was in his mid to late 30s.


Didn’t Favre discuss retirement from his early 30’s on?