2018 #Packers Draft Poll - Which Position are the Packers going to Draft in the first Round?


With only several days left until the draft, what is the position the Packers will draft at 14.

  • DB
  • WR
  • OL

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Please discuss player options below.


Personally I think that pressure will cause better DB play. That is why I voted for an Edge Rusher. Edmunds or Davenport.


Yeah I really agree that if they are there they might be targets. Davenport maybe there at 14 won’t last much longer. To get Edmunds or James the would have to go up. Probably would have to go up for Fitzpatrick.

Gute’s press conference was interesting. The GB press was its usual collective boring and not probing, but thought he was remarkably honest. First, he said needs always skews the board. That is remarkable he was so frank. He also went into a long discussion of pass rushers and wanting bigger guys. Finally he talked a little about using more metrics and not abandoning size and metric thresholds. Interesting quote about Tom Landry saying if you make exceptions, you end up with team full of exceptions.

Interesting to watch and who knows if he was sending up smoke, if he really meant what he said you maybe right, and I like Davenport a lot . Then again, have to wonder about Vea who I think doesn’t fix anything and the Alabama DT who would be repetive. In the next 24-36 hours it will be interesting to see what comes out of McGinn and Pete D…


I’ve been tracking the Packers pre-draft pretty close. All indications are they love three players; Denzel Ward, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Josh Jackson. Unless they trade up, Ward and Fitzpatrick will almost certainly be gone by 14. If they don’t draft a CB with the first pick, keep an eye on Davenport. Though I predict they will either trade up to get Ward or take Jackson at 14.


I’m fan of all those but I really think there will be a run on QBs that will push some top ten players out. I really would like Davenport but if a different elite player falls it would be hard.


I agree, I see 5 QBs taken before the Packers draft (Darnold, Allen, Rosen, Mayfield, and Jackson). Add those five plus the 8 elites (Chubb, Nelson, James, Ward, Fitzpatrick, Smith, Edmunds, and Barkley), that totals 13 which will leave the Packers just below that threshold. My guess is unless they trade up or a team before them reaches on another player - they will be starting at the tier 2 level of talent.


As stated previously,Not Jackson,he doesn’t tackle. I want a edge rusher, best available. Hard to find large men that are good players, there are good CBs in rounds 2 & early in round 3.


sarahfar,not to get into a debate,but great defenses are built around their defensive lines. Talented BIG men are hard to find just ask Fritz Shumer,he’ll take his defensive front all day long. Vea or Payne would do nicely…but if James or Fitzpatrick are available they would be the pick.


I really think that everyone puts too much stock in the first round, How many first round CB’s panned out for the Packers since 1999?


To me, it all depends on how the board falls… I could see the DB we want falling to us and then that is the easy pick (which is why I voted DB), or I could see if that doesn’t happen, we pick an edge rusher, or even a OT or WR.


It looks like the Packer Wire picked CB and Gute went that direction after a couple of moves.