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Banner Contest 2012

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Banner Contest 2012
August 14, 2012 01:16PM
I think it's about time that we changed the header graphic for the site. Last time it was changed was 2009, and a lot has changed since then!

Important Dates:
Tuesday, August 28th - Last day we will accept submissions. No later than 11:59pm Packer time.
Wednesday, August 29th - First day of voting for the top 12 banners. Beginning no later than 11:59pm Packer time. Voting will continue for seven days.
Wednesday, Sept. 5th - Voting will end.
Thursday, Sept. 6th - Voting begins to break a tie that might occur between the top vote-getters. Voting begins no later than 12:00pm (noon) Packer time. Voting will continue for two days.
Saturday, Sept 8th - Voting in the event of a tie will end.
Saturday, Sept. 8th - We will unveil the winning design in time for the Pack's Regular Season Opener!

Here are the rules/requirements:

- Maximum of 3 entries per person.
- Size must be 1000 pixels wide x 150-160 pixels tall.
- Submissions would preferably be PSD (Adobe Photoshop), EPS (General Vector), or AI (Adobe Illustrator) files, otherwise must be PNG or JPG format.
- Any players/coaches must be a part of the team at the time of voting completion (banners including players cut during the voting period can be resubmitted with a replacement player).
- "The Packer Wire" must be present and legible.
- The Packer "G" cannot be used unless as captured in a photo on the side of a players' helmet or on the field (copyright reasons).
- File should be named in the following manner: username-2012banner-#.ext, where the username is your username, # is the number of your submission, and ext is the file extension.
- Banners should be submitted in response to this thread and attached through the attachments section of the post.

Some notes:

You can upload files in PNG, JPG, PSD, EPS, or AI format. We'd prefer either Photoshop or Illustrator files, as we can export them with the appropriate size and quality that would be best for the forum. PNG would be preferred above JPEG. If you wish to submit a PNG or JPEG, file size is a concern. We want something as small as possible at the specified resolution without noticeable loss of quality. As the image resizes itself according to browser window size, this is important.


Clay Matthews Size 54 (XXL) Home Jersey, stitched

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