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Meaningless mocks inc. (Jan 30th)

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Meaningless mocks inc. (Jan 30th)
January 30, 2009 10:52AM
Here is my attempt at a mock draft. Trading draft picks is such an unknown factor, I have included none.

First, we might get a quality free agent. What happens then varies on which guy we get. The two quality FAs I'd chase hardest are Suggs (a proven 3-4 type pass rusher) or Gross (quality OT, can play left or right side).


If we get FA OT Gross:
1) OLB(rush) Everette Brown 6'4", 250 (Florida St.) (or Orakpo)
If we get FA OLB Suggs:
1) LT Jason Smith 6'5", 300 (Baylor) (or Monroe, Oher, A.Smith)

2) NT Ron Brace 6'3", 300 (Boston)
3a) OL Jamon Meredith 6'5", 302 (South Carolina) or Kraig Urbik 6'5", 323 (Wisconsin)
3b) 3-4 DE(DT) Dorrell Scott 6'4", 313 (Clemson)
4) OLB(rush) David Veikune 6'2", 255 (Hawaii)
5) OLB/ILB Worrell Williams 6'2", 249 (California)
6) 3-4 DE(DT) G.Hypolite 6'1", 287 (Colorado)
6) NT Antonio Dixon 6'3", 328 (Miami)
7) P Aaron Perez 6'4", 232 (UCLA)

But supposing we get no top quality FAs of note (boo !), then this is a favourite scenario.

1) NT B.J.Raji 6'1", 335 (Boston)
2) OLB(rush) Connor Barwin 6'3", 253 (Cincy)
3a) 3-4 DE(DT) Fili Moala 6'5", 295 (USC)
3b) RT/RG Kraig Urbik 6'5", 323 (Wisconsin)
4) OLB(rush) Phillip Hunt 6'2", 260 (Houston)
5) CB Kevin Barnes 6'1", 188 (Maryland)
6) 3-4 DE(DT) George Hypolite 6'1", 287 (Colorado)
6) NT Antonio Dixon 6'3", 338 (Miami)
7) P Aaron Perez 6'4", 232 ((UCLA)

Below are some analyses, from various sites.

(from draftcountdown) LT Jason Smith (Baylor)
Strengths. Outstanding athleticism, quick, agile and light on his feet. Good size, with room to fill out further. Strong initial punch, good lateral movement, very good against speed-freaks. Aggressive demeanor, smart, great work-ethic, lots of upside.
Weaknesses. Must get stronger, and add a few more pounds. Can improve technique in footwork and leverage. Did not operate in pro-style offense.
Notes. An especially athletic player, as he converted from TE in 2006.

(from TheFootballExpert) Everette Brown DE/OLB
Strengths: Unbelievable speed off the edge and is very quick off the line. Relentless in pursuit and has a non-stop motor. Uses a spin move that is almost impossible to block. Very good in play recognition and can dissect and locate the ball effectively. Good gap discipline. Great strength for his size. Does fairly well against double-teams.

Weaknesses: Not a liability in the run game but is not his strong point. May depend too heavily on the spin move to beat his man. Could struggle in pass coverage if converted to linebacker. Sometimes struggles with neutralizing blocks. May lack the size needed to be an every-down defensive end.

Summary: Everette Brown is an unbelievable pass rusher and his speed and quickness are on an elite level. His spin move is one of the most unblock able moves in the entire country. He has very good initial quicks and never gives up on a play. He is not the heaviest defensive end and struggles at times in stopping the run, possibility due to his smaller size. His bet fit would probably be as an Outside Linebacker in a 3-4 scheme where he could use his speed to drop into coverage and his monstrous pass rushing skills to consistently pressure the quarterback.

Draft Projection: Top 15 Pick

(from New Era Scouting) RG(RT) Kraig Urbik
General Traits
Character / Leadership Ability: No character concerns starting every game since freshman season.
Competitive Nature / Work Ethic: A very hard worker who likes to use his size and punish defenders, productive at OG or OT and never comes out of a game.
Football Intelligence: A smart player who understands the game well.
Size: Powerfully built, and very strong with a nasty streak. Likes to dominate defenders.
Athletic Ability: Average athletically. Gets to the second level but is slow when asked to pull.
Toughness / Durability: Urbik is a very durable player starting 39 straight games entering his senior year at either guard or tackle.

Specific Traits - Offensive Guard
Pass Blocking: Very good pass blocker when his hips are set, but when they aren't he can get knocked off balance. Locks defenders up well with his strength.
Movement / Space: Good quicks for such a big man while working in the line. Does a good job of double teaming linemen and releasing and reaching the linebacker.
Quickness: Good getting hands hands up at the snap. Does a good job of getting to the second level. A little slow when asked to pull. The running backs always seem to be waiting for him to get going.
Run Blocking: Has a good punch off the line and can overpower defenders. Needs to work on getting his pads lower on short yardage as linemen tend to get lower than he does and he can’t use his strength to move them away.
Strength: Has very good strength and only gets knocked backward when he doesn’t get low enough. Has strong thick legs and a powerful upper body.
Technique: Has a good initial punch. Sets up well most of the time and gets into position. He sometimes straightens up and lets defenders get into his body and gets off balance.
Additional Comments: Urbik should be a very productive NFL player. He is very strong and has the ability to reach linebackers at the second level. He’ll need to work on keeping his technique solid during the game. He will probably slip a little during the draft as guards get devalued but will make a team very happy they drafted him.
Injury Concerns:  No injury concerns.
Could Be As Good As:  Logan Mankins, New England Patriots. Worst Case:  Marcus Johnson, Minnesota Vikings
Where He’ll Probably Go:  2nd to 3rd round

(From Draftcountdown) NT Ron Brace
Strengths. Excellent size and bulk. Very fast off the snap. Great strength. Stout at the point of attack. Great against the run.Gets a good push up the middle with his bull rush and can collapse the pocket. Powerful tackler. Can sometimes shoot gaps and penetrate. Nice instincts and awareness. Has lots of experience, is improving and has upside.
Weaknesses. Not a sack artist and linited moves (mostly bull rush). Does not always play with proper leverage. Needs to improve hand use and shed better. Inconsistent motor. Has not faced many double teams.
Notes. Had a great senior year playing alongside Raji. Two-gapper with the potential to be a top 3-4 NT.

(from DraftCountdown) OLB/DE Connor Barwin
Strengths. Outstanding athlete, smooth with good balance. Great range with the burst to close. Has the rush LB speed, and a great first step. Relentless motor. Comfortable in space, instinctive, versatile, terrific work-ethic. Smart. Tons of upside because he is still learning the position, having been switched from TE. Had 16 TFL and 11 sacks for Cincy in 2008.
Weaknesses. Lacks great bulk. Still very raw and needs work on technique and variety of pass-rush moves. does not do a great job against the run....must get stronger.
Notes. Switched from TE at the start of his senior year, and some still see him as a TE. Practiced both positions at the Senior Bowl, and looked good as a pass rusher. Was also a walk-on basketball player for the Bearcats, and played 41 games for them.

(from draft Countdown) Fili Moala 3-4 DE(DT)
Strengths. Fast, athletic, agile. Good size (and room to grow) with long arms. Active and pursues well. Good pass rusher, can get penetration into the backfield. His best fit is as a 3-4 DE.
Weaknesses. Disappears for stretches. Can play too tall. Needs to shed blocks better. Needs to get stronger.
Notes. Cousin to Haloti Ngata.. Arrested for obstructing a police officer in a bar fight,.March 08.

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