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Doing something wrong in PM?

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Doing something wrong in PM?
September 07, 2012 03:34PM
Tried to PM Chayra to avold beating up the Jennings thread, but when I got ready to send, I got the message "The data that you have submitted to the server have been rejected, because it looks like they were posted by an automated bot." Any idea how to avoid that? Appreciate any hints, or I'll have to start posting all my nonsense online. Thanks.
Re: Doing something wrong in PM?
September 07, 2012 08:34PM
Should be fixed. A module update a while ago required some code changes that I didn't realize needed to happen. I've tested and it's working now.
Re: Doing something wrong in PM?
September 08, 2012 12:05AM
Saw this thread and just wanted to say thanks R. Your work is very much underappreciated. We enjoy having this little space to do our thing. Great job.

“I feel like I’ve done this long enough (that) I don’t rank them,” McCarthy replied when asked where the win ranked in his five-year tenure. “We’re going to have bigger wins than this in my time in Green Bay. You can trust me on that." --After beating the Jets who had the best record in the NFL. The Packers went on to win the Superbowl.