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April 16, 2018 07:50AM
Rumors are out there that the Packers are a possible landing spot for Dez Bryant. I know at first glanceit would look odd letting go of an aging fan favorite for an aging disliked player at the same position. However, I believe Dez still has quite a bit left in the tank. I think of him as a prima dona who wasn't being used the way he wanted nor the credit he thought he was deserving (Dak, Zeke) and his release now was the kick in the teeth to go prove himself elsewhere.

I'm not sure what kind of money he is looking for but if he is being realistic and ok signing a 1 or 2 year prove it deal with a contender, I think he could surprise a lot of people! Why not go play with Rodgers who can make you look even better? Dez, Devonte, Cobb, Graham is a damn good looking lineup!

PS... not holding my breath as this seems like a typical New England signing to me. Especially with the Gronk drama they have going on.

Re: Dez...
April 16, 2018 11:33AM
I was thinking about this also Raz. I know it might be a crazy thought and we might not even be able to afford it or it might mess up the team chemistry etc.etc. But wow "What if". smileys with beer

"The road to the Super Bowl IS a Daily Grind"
Re: Dez...
April 16, 2018 12:17PM
Daily Grind! Good to hear from you!

Call me crazy but I would bet wherever Dez ends up he will be on his best behavior as he is motivated to prove his doubters wrong. Similar to Randy Moss when he went to New England. Again, not going to hold my breath but it is fun to think about.

Re: Dez...
April 16, 2018 11:40AM
I'm with you on this Raz. IF...Dez would sign that very short prove it contract(Ideally 1 year) for $8-10 million it makes a lot of sense.

For Dez:
1) He will be highly motivated
2) He will be playing with Aaron Rodgers on a team with some other high profile veterans.
3) He's not going to be looked at being the leader or face of the team.
4) He would be on a SB contender with a great opportunity to reveal he can be a front end WR for someone which could get him another nice deal for 3-4 years.

For the Packers:
1) He basically replaces Jordy. In Jordy's 29 year old season, he caught 98 passes, for over 1500 yards and 13 TDs.
2) He would be an upgrade over what Jordy was last year.
3) With Adams, Graham, Cobb, and Dez......and Rodgers throwing to them? That could be pretty scary.
4) We draft the ultimate Jordy replacement in round 2, 3, or the top of 4 and he has a year to back up Dez, learn the system and be our #4.

I'm perfectly fine if the Packers say, "Thanks, but No Thanks." But if they are game to do it, I would support it.

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Re: Dez...
April 16, 2018 12:21PM
Well put! I think Dez's decline has more to do with him not being motivated to perform at his best rather than age catching up to him. Neither is necessarily a good thing, but with a newfound hunger to push himself I predict he has a few more dominant seasons left if he chooses a good fit.

Re: Dez...
April 16, 2018 02:11PM
Not to mention his last big year with the Cowboys was the last year Tony Romo played a full season in 2014. Everything spiraled downward after the "no catch".

He had Matt Cassel in 2015 and then he had Dak Prescott the last two years along with Ezekiel Elliot running the ball. The last 3 seasons the Cowboys only averaged 225 yards per game passing with a more short to intermediate passing game offense. With Romo from 12-14 Dallas averaged 275 yards passing per game.

Can't help but wonder if playing with Rodgers would bring back the best of Dez.
Re: Dez...
April 16, 2018 07:51PM
Getting Dez would be like hiring Marty Bennett 2.0
Re: Dez...
April 17, 2018 06:50AM
That is a possibility. However what Dez has now that Bennett did not is a fire inside to prove himself. Bennett was a very talented TE who has had success and won a super bowl. He wanted to get paid but that was about it. Dez has made money but has never won a ring and now has a vendetta to get back to form. He had already taken it upon himself to start working with a WR specialist to find tune his route running and overall skills, and that was prior to his release. Like I said. I'm not holding my breath that he will come to Green Bay, but if he goes to a good fit and contender (to keep him focused) I think he could be a top 5 WR over the next few years.

Re: Dez...
April 17, 2018 05:01AM
Bryant is a hell of a receiver. He didn’t get along with Dak Prescott. He suffers from a little paranoia and is a little bit of a primadonna so what, welcome to the NFL. I think he has good years left, and he is nowhere near the douchery of Bennett. Look they are likely to draft a running back and were in on the big Johnson contract. Cobb is an undersized guy, he has had his share of injuries, I am certain they want to add to that group. Other than Adams, that group is thin.

GB would be a really good place for him, but he wants to go to the NFL east. I hope he gives GB a chance it might really be good for both sides.
Re: Dez...
April 17, 2018 05:26AM
Good observation...
Re: Dez...
April 17, 2018 10:15AM
There’s a report out that Rodgers is upset, it is several places, Acme, USA Today and Yahoo sports claiming he is upset with contract negations and not being consulted on either Nelson or Van Pelt. We’ll see, but I think it bares watching. Bryant wants the Giants and Baltimore apparently has the most interest in him. I will say this MM is not B.B. plug and play, and the talent on this roster without Rodgers is not a playoff caliber. This isn’t 2009 with the pieces they had. I don’t like primadonna acts, but if Rodgers decides to take his toys, there will be a lot of angst in GB, even bigger regime change would bound to follow. This bares watching.
Re: Dez...
April 17, 2018 03:42PM
I don't see it. Rodgers said today, that his job is to play QB. He said you have to trust the process and the process has worked pretty well the last 13 years. Once Matt Ryan gets his deal done, Rodgers will come behind him. Probably July sometime.
Re: Dez...
April 17, 2018 06:26PM
From what I've seen, there is ONE report from Yahoo!. Acme picked up and commented on that report and from what I saw, USA Today has been speaking against the rumor in multiple articles:

ESPN seems to agree with those assessments: [www.espn.com]

That means we have one article from Yahoo! as an outlier, which is just proposing "things can get contentious" simply based off "one league source close to Rodgers."

imho, it is WAY too early to read into something like you seem to be here.

Karl Zimmerman
Part-Owner of 13 Time World Champion Green Bay Packers
Re: Dez...
April 18, 2018 08:17PM
Yeah he is playing passive aggressive, and it has come up several times, not just on the Yahoo article. Rodgers is very bright, he has done this over the years, hint of an issue and then shoot it down. I don’t think the issue is that big, but I think with QBs it is worth keeping an eye on. More importantly that Packers need to upgrade there talent across the board, so Rodgers isn’t team, just a part. The as long as Rodgers is there mantra everywhere that we can pencil 10 wins isn’t a good one. I don’t think Rodgers is any different than Brady, Brees or any of the top QBs they all play these games and want to be pampered. Goes with the the position. He showed up for OTAS so for now that is what really matters.
Re: Dez...
April 18, 2018 09:15PM
I know that there are a lot that will say not to try for Dez... But the question is would you like to see him twice a year with the Vikings? Bears? or Lions?
Re: Dez...
April 19, 2018 04:22AM
Yeah I think that would enter the mind. I wondered why given the knee they were so hot on Johnson? Have to wonder if they to some extent didn’t want Chicago to get him, but who knows if They felt that way. Clearly they want a big receiver. I don’t think Bryant wants to play in the NFC North. I also think this draft is unique as they have a ton of big receivers that will come off the board 2-5. Several of those guys will hit and play on Sundays.

All that said, Bryant has something left in the tank. He’s still a big receiver who can go get the ball and wants it. Some temperament, but not an evil guy. I just think it is moot as he doesn’t want anything other apparently the East. I am guessing he might get backburnered until after the draft. That would be a good thing as teams would want to see day 3 and even into 3. Like I say this draft has a lot of big receivers. What works against that is a team like the Packers have enough need it might be they like corners and Ol guys in 2-4...