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Re: What Would you do??

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What Would you do??
January 06, 2018 10:47AM
During the upcoming draft even with several QB's coming off the board (3 by my count before GB selects) what if Buffalo calls and offers pick 21 and 25 for 13 or 14 Do you do it?? In this scenario the top 12 have been 1) Cle: J Rosen (Qcool smiley, 2) NYG S. Darnold (Qcool smiley, 3) Ind B. Chubb(DE), 4) Cle S. Barkley (Rcool smiley, 5) Den J Allen (Qcool smiley 6. NYJ C. Sutton (WR), 7) TB M. Fitzpatrick DB , 8)Chi C. Ridley WR 9) Oak RSmith (ILcool smiley 10 SF Q. Nelson(OG), 11) Mia A Key (DE) , 12) Cin C. Williams OT 13) GB???

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Re: What Would you do??
January 06, 2018 07:14PM
Depends on what you perceive the drop off in talent to be. Typically I would be all about taking that as you end up with two first rounders ultimately. However we haven't had a draft pick this high in over a decade so I'd have to really like what might be available in the 20s to give up 14 especially when three or four QBs could be in the top 13 pushing a top 10 caliber player down to us at 14.
Re: What Would you do??
January 06, 2018 10:32PM
This team needs help in many areas. It is not just one player away. Trade down.
Re: What Would you do??
January 07, 2018 07:05PM
I would have to say either a DB, WR, QB, or OLB
Re: What Would you do??
January 28, 2018 11:21PM
It is early, lots of film will pop up now,and can cross check with both the combine results and background. But right now with that scenario run the card up with Marcus Davenport. He looks like impact. He never quits, length, size, great first step and explosive.
Re: What Would you do??
January 29, 2018 07:39AM
Folks, sarahfar is one of the best posters ever in the history of this board. Consistently great insights. Welcome back and please keep coming back!
Re: What Would you do??
January 29, 2018 10:15AM
Sarahfar, before the senior Bowl my fear of Davenport was that he beat OT's from Home Depot Tech, but after this week I concur with all the scouts- he looks like a stud and if he were on the board at I would look like Ron Wolfe the year he drafted Wayne Simmons- people would have to get out of my way on that charge to the podium!

Brent was the greatest choker of all Time!
Re: What Would you do??
January 29, 2018 10:25AM
If there is Davenport or a closely ranked DE of his caliber the option of the trade back wound not be wise imo.

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Re: What Would you do??
January 30, 2018 12:05AM
I liked Barnett las year but was surprised to see him come off that early. He had a quick twitch and something.

I would agree, the competition is an issue. In his case the Sr Bowl, combine, work outs all are a big cross check. The other thing is what the background check shows. I like what tape is out there, but what is there is really good. I love conviction, so hopefully there is somebody that they are convicted about. Or they move up or down with conviction, I think if you buy what Gute has said they may play earlier in free agency than the Packers have in the last 6 or 7 years. It should’ve interesting.

People are too kind, my rep is past tense. I will be 62 Weds and am long in the tooth. But thanks so much for the intro, my passion burns less bright as so many friends and loved ones have passed on. I will hang around, and look forward to more tape, and combine work outs....
Re: What Would you do??
February 06, 2018 03:07PM
Trading their picks 21 and 22 overall, could get the Bills up to pick 7 (only 20 pts shy of pick 6) on the JJ trade chart.

If the Bills are desperate to move up, they can go a lot higher than pick 14. It's the same imbalance if you use the Harvard chart.

Let us at least see a trade that has SOME chance of happening.
Re: What Would you do??
February 06, 2018 07:10PM
Packers #14 and a 5th rounder of which the Packers should end up with 3, for Bills number 22 and Bills' 2nd rounder. That would give the Packers very likely a #1, 2 2nd rounders, 2 3rd rounders, a 4th and 2 5ths.

Point totals in the trade would be almost identical.

Not suggesting it at all because of the caliber of player we should get at 14 but it is a trade that would be worth considering if you were looking for one that works for both teams point wise.
Re: What Would you do??
February 07, 2018 01:41AM
Yeah you are both right, the Packers wouldn’t get both picks. To get both picks would probably give both the 14 and 2nd rd pick. And for both pics I would agree they could probably get into 7-10 area. Baker Mayfield is very intriguing as are several other qbs. I would think if he were there at 14 he might cause a real pause. It depends on the board, sure looks like 4-5 QBs come off before 14, 1 RB, 2-3 OL, and Chubb. To me if you think an impact player is there at 10 with two 3’s and four 5’s why not uses 3 and 5 to package to go get the guy you think will give impact? If this is a good draft early, that to me would be far more intriguing than trading down for Buffalo’s 21 and 22. There are potentially 3 or 4 maybe more, really intriguing names that will be gone between 9 and 21 depending on how they work out.
Re: What Would you do??
February 07, 2018 10:03AM
I think that's always a great 1st round philosophy. Go get the guy you really like. Especially in a draft where you likely end up with 11 picks to begin with. Thompson did that with Matthews in a year he ended up with 2 first round key defensive cogs on our SB team. The other being B.J. Raji

If there is a guy that fits what Pettine wants to do on Defense like a glove then go get him. Although with a new regime it's hard to know how FA is going to go and that obviously can affect who the team views to be "that guy"
Re: What Would you do??
February 07, 2018 03:15PM
Apparently 11 plus 1 he got in a trade for McCray we all forgot rumored or speculated to be a 7. So they will get 8 of their own and 4 comp pics, should be interesting. I agree with you.

Get what you want and if there is impact get it. I like conviction more than indifference.