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Going Deeper on Hundley

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Going Deeper on Hundley
November 27, 2017 05:51PM
I commented about Hundley earlier but I wanted to go deeper. I think we are WAY too hard on this guy. I read that Hundley was merely a back up playing like a back up. I disagree. I doubt he's a Hall of Famer but I believe he has full capacity to be a starting NFL QB. I think he has a developing value to the Packers as a trade option to a team with a chance for him to compete to be a starter. Look at some of the starting caliber QBs out there now:

-Josh McCown is a solid starter for the Jets. He's in his mid 30s
-Case Keenum has gone from a 5 year hit and miss back up to a Playoff Starting QB. He's 29.
-Ryan Tannehill was a 24 year old Rookie which is the same age as Hundley is now who looks every bit as good now as Tannehill did at 24.
-Jay Cutler still is able to find work as a starting QB
-Tyrod Taylor has been a 3 year starting QB - last week.
-Joe Flacco? Only 2 seasons ever with a QB rating in the 90s.
-Denver? I'll take Hundley over anybody they have out there.
-Deshone Kizer over Hundley? Not for me.
-Was anybody San Fran had the last 2 seasons "before Garropollo" was traded that was a better prospect than Hundley?

That's 1/4 of the teams in the League. Going forward from right now, if I was a fan of any one of the teams in those situations I would prefer Hundley over anybody except Garropollo. Carson Wentz is my pick for NFL MVP this year, but last year as a 24 year old rookie last year his passer rating was 79.3. He threw 14 TD passes and 12 picks. A guy has to get his feet wet.

The last 2 weeks he's faced the #2 and 3 ranked passing defenses in the NFL with very different results. A sign of the growing process IMO.

He's been 2 different guys home and away. Way better on the road for some reason. But he is steadily improving. 93 Passer Rating over his last 4 starts including the Ravens Game.
-56 Passer Rating at Home. 122 on the Road. Can't explain that.
-His Yards per attempt at home is just under 6 but on the Road it's almost a 9.
-His Completion Pct. is over 65% for the last 4 games combined.
-In the 5 games he's started he has thrown for 4 TDs, rushed for 2 more and thrown 4 picks.

If Hundley leads us to wins against the Bucs and Browns and his play looks anywhere close to how it did last night, we will be 7-6 and he will have gone 3-4 as a Starter. I think he will be fairly marketable especially with ever improving splits. I like him more every time I see him.

We need to let the thing play out before making a long term judgement on the guy.

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Re: Going Deeper on Hundley
November 28, 2017 11:28AM
Unfortunately many here had way to high of expectations. We all must remember that he really hasn't play at all in the NFL. Yes he had some mop up snaps in real games but those games were over, i.e. no pressure. Pre-season doesn't count for much other than how the coaches feel that he knows the offense. His first few starts looked like you would expect. A hesitant inexperienced QB being thrown to the wolves. I was at the Lions game and he just didn't see the open WRs. In Pittsburgh he did. When his confidence level is high so is his play. Just like any rookie. It seems we are all forgetting that Rodgers himself was hesitant at times in 2008. We are all just spoiled in that Rodgers knows what the defense is playing before the ball is snapped and he basically has decided on his first two progression pre-snap. So if he doesn't see #1 get the jump off the line he is already looking at #2. That processing is slower for Hundley. For those who say his arm is weak he has made some nice down the field throws. As for why he seems better on the road...maybe he his more relaxed vs being all jacked up at Lambeau.
Re: Going Deeper on Hundley
November 28, 2017 01:28PM
Let's just say MM knows how to make/fix a QB and leave at that. Hundley is still late on his throws, but he is moving in the pocket better.