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Re: Congrats to the PACKER Players

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Congrats to the PACKER Players
November 12, 2017 10:41PM
The team gave it their all in the rain in Chicago verses the 8th ranked D in the NFL. Hundley threw a back shoulder fade to Adams for a TD. He never turned the ball over in bad weather conditions, he kept his poise & helped get a win for his team. The OL played well. WRs got open & made great yardage plays. The RBs ran tough averaging 4.5 yds per play. The DL play hard & Perry got 3 sacks.The special teams played well. It may be far from perfect for many on this board but I'm damn satisfied and think they deserve praise for what they accomplished today. :gopackers:

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Re: Congrats to the PACKER Players
November 13, 2017 09:52AM
I agree. I can't honestly say I expect the Packers to make the Playoffs. Those still weren't the '85 Bears we beat yesterday. Plus, the NFC seems to have about 5 of the best 6 Teams in the League. But, my main thing is that while Rodgers is out, I want us to be at least a competitive team. To ultimately win another Super Bowl we need to at least be an average team "without" Rodgers on the Field. For us to end up 8-8, 9-7 is important. It speaks to us being an average overall team without Rodgers and a True Championship contender without him. If we only go 2-8 or 3-7 in games Rodgers doesn't start that will so more about us Not being a contender next season. So far we are 1-2 with 1 of those 2 losses being against the hottest team in the NFL right now.. Let's see where we go from here
Re: Congrats to the PACKER Players
November 13, 2017 10:02AM
The fact I'm living in Houston gives me the opportunity to compare Hundley to two QB's. Deshaun Watson like Hundley had his first start for the Texans this year. Unlike Hundley he was excellent from the get go. With him down we get to see more of Tom Savage. Savage compares pretty closely to Hundley in his first two games: indecisive, inaccurate and slow delivery. The main difference was mobility of which Savage has very little. With the accumulation of starts, Hundley, however, has seemed to improve markedly. Savage has not. That's reason for some hope. Hundley had two excellent passes in the clutch 4th quarter and a run with a tightening hamstring.
I tried to compare Hundley to Rodgers first few starts. It's kind of reversed. Arron was very good in this first two starts against poor teams (Min, Det) and crappy against the next two good teams, Dal and Tam. Hundley was crappy against the first few and good teams he faced, while very good against the crappy Bears.
The next step up if there is one is to increase the number of passes and get more away from dink and dunk.